Jov sez: Look! Shiny!

January 6, 2009

Jov is a slacker, and in hopes of distracting you all from the fact that it’s been a couple weeks since she’s provided you, dear readers, with any meaningful content, she’s going to fill the void with pictures instead.

switchSo, what do you all think?  Is this the result of overindulgence at the New Years party at the Legerdemain Lounge?  (You know, the kind of party you wake up from the next afternoon wearing someone else’s clothes and with a lampshade on your head.)  Or is it an attempt to show Seri as she COULD look if she were actually wearing Naxx gear, instead of not even 80 yet?

mrseriA sneak peek at the ever-elusive Mr Seri, doing his (non-chicken) dance outside Azjol-Nerub.  Isn’t he festive and adorable?  He should make some guest posts, too.  And I just realized; apparently we both have a thing for tauren.

bas2Another sneak peek at Mr Seri…  I wouldn’t want to go against him in a battle, that’s for certain!

bas3Mr Seri also sometimes has affairs with alliance gryphons.  Silly things never know what hit ’em!

crocsurfingSpeaking of tauren, here we see Mr Jov in the wilds of Sholozar competing in a Croc Surfing race.  Look at that style!

wideloadNaxx has also been good to Tars; he is now as wide as wider than he is tall (in fact, he’s entirely too wide to fit on the blog without massive image shrinking).  And yes, he does have to play doorway tetris to enter buildings.



  1. My shoulders have annexed Dalaran. Poland is next.

  2. I don’t feel like you really captured my oeuvre adequately. Plus, I forgot I still had that Olympic tabard on.

  3. @ Tars — frsrs

    @ Bas — Santa hat doesn’t show up when you’re barked up or feathered. Therefore, I think I captured it as well as I could. Besides, that’s what you get for wearing the olympic tabard. Never know when you’ll be jumped by crazy elves with cameras.

  4. I thought it was cute, it brought me a smile on a very busy day!

  5. I am fiercely jealous of that croc-surfing screen shot! I tried to snap one when I did the quest on my ‘lock, but I just couldn’t get the angle right. Plus, Tauren on a croc > Undead on a croc, any way you spin it.

  6. @ Elleiras — The secret was I was ahead of him and took the screenshot. I couldn’t get any good ones of myself on that quest either 😦

  7. Jov isn’t a slacker! Math is hard, lets go shopping!!

    The new cloth gear in Naxx10/25 is quite pretty! I love mine! I even posted it on wowhead http://www.wowhead.com/?item=40455#screenshots

    Glad to see the Snarkcraft folks are having a good time with the new shinies!

    -ToaP, Derevka

  8. *sigh* Now I want to dress Seri up for real. 10-mans here I come. >.<

  9. @ Seri — Aren’t you forgetting that little thing called half a level?

    @ Derevka — Oh that staff is seeeeeeeeexy.

  10. ^_^ Us blood elves always look so pretty in all of our gear. Uhm… some of it may be a tad revealing, but still super pretty. =]

  11. It’s less pretty with the distressing zombie skin colors 🙂

  12. @ Yuki — Speaking of zombie… I want to see your DK!

  13. @Yuki – Distressing zombie skin colors are easily livened with the application of colorful troll hairdoos.

    Troll DK 4TW.

  14. @jov just wait till you get your bondage face masks =/ http://www.wowhead.com/?item=40562 you’d think for a 226 ilevel they’d make it so your don’t look like…uh…ass.

  15. @Vigil – Ask around, I am sure you can find some people who think that looks hot.

  16. @Jov: I’ll post something when I go back to my apartment and its actually decent graphics in a couple days 🙂

    @Tarsus: I like trolls, but I don’t like their melee animations. Also I had a better character in mind for a belf than a troll 🙂

  17. So I was gonna take a pic in my RP clothes, but then I noticed I had one in her embarrassing Outland clown-gear, which is way funnier (and relevant to the exchange which prompted the request!):

  18. @ Yuki — zomgpigtails hahahaha!

  19. Vigil, are you forgetting the *true* bondage masks we dealt with on the way up? For example, http://www.wowhead.com/?item=35572 . And we thought the leather S4 helms (as my friend calls them, BJ hoods: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=35023 ) were bad.. whoo!

    Hence why I avoided those helms at all costs. It’s a good thing Cowl of the Grand Engineer was good enough to last me until T7 helm.

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