Seri sez: Search terms fail… or do they?

December 25, 2008

magnifying_glassI felt a lot of pressure this week to produce something profound to compliment Jov’s musings on enchantments. I don’t respond well to pressure, so at most you might consider today’s topic to be profoundly… silly.

Since Jov and I started World of Snarkcraft, I’ve become something of a stat junkie. I check our stats almost every day, sometimes twice a day, because I’m curious what posts are popular and how folks are finding them. (Would you believe that 5 of our top 10 search terms of all time are Shadow-oriented?) Occasionally, people will get to us using the strangest search engine terms. I thought you might get a chuckle at some of these… and maybe I can pre-emptively answer some questions for the next person to stumble across us by mistake.

more desirable hunter or rogue wotlk – Personally, I’d say rogue. Jov would probably say hunter. However, hunters are about to get nerfed and rogues have it pretty bad at the moment in PVE. Is there a third option?

resto druid flask and food buff wotlk – Short answer: Yes. Long answer: There are a lot of options. You can probably get some tips from Jov’s Consumables Guide even though it’s Priest-oriented.

everfrost chip coordinates – No idea, but if you find some please e-mail me.

how to get out of applying to 2 guilds a – I assume this was cut off and finishes with “at once.” Just a thought: “I’ve accepted an invitation from another guild, thank you for your interest.”

northrend tanks exalted rep screwed – Er, what?

wow arachnophobia naxx – *wince* Sorry, mate.

erp scarlet crusade – For the love of Jaina, no. No no no! This is not the blog you’re looking for. I know exactly which comment thread resulted in this particular search engine hit and I’m blaming YOU Tarsus.

wotlk sound crackling – Is the sound only crackling in WoW? If it happens in other applications, it’s not a WoW issue. If it IS only happening in WoW, try the WoW Support Forum. And, uh, good luck.

maximum hit rating wotlk casters – For offensive spell casters vs raid boss mobs (level 83), the cap is 17% (~446 hit rating). The amount of hit you need may be less depending on your talents and available debuffs from your raid group. See Wowwiki’s spell hit entry.

“meeting stone” coordinate violet hold – There is no meeting stone for the Violet Hold.

Well, I hope that clears some things up. Have a good weekend, everyone!



  1. *sighs*

    *Puts away robe and wizard hat*

  2. Regarding the Naxx Arachnaphobia – its pretty easy just keep moving. On nights that we have people who need the achievement, we skip loot for the bosses and then send the master looter behind to do it while we start trash on the next wing.

  3. Heh, heh. That is exactly the sort of post i’ve got planned soon. People search for the weirdest stuff like, “Hi admin people”.

    “more desirable hunter or rogue wotlk…Is there a third option?” good advice there 😉

  4. *snicker*

    Why are you blaming him? Dorkface.

  5. …you realize that by making an entry with these you’re just going to show up closer to the top of the hits list, right? 🙂

  6. “northrend tanks exalted rep screwed – Er, what?”

    This would be better phrased with the statement “There is no faction in Northrend with which it is worthwhile for a tank to grind to exalted.” This is not precisely something I agree with (a reputation based discount with the Kirin Tor seems always worthwhile to me), but you are really not gaining anything superior from any faction as a tank – and that includes the Sons of Hodir. The difference between the Lesser and Great Inscriptions of the Pinnacle is 5 points of defense rating and dodge rating – that is like 1 point of defense and less than a quarter of a percent of dodge.

  7. Seri.. this made me die. srsly. you guys need a new healer for monday night. i’m ded.

  8. I demand to know, where is Mankrik’s wife?

  9. 49,50 in the Barrens.

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