Jov sez: You’ve got the gear- Now what? (Part 2)

December 23, 2008

So, in my last attempt to educate myself (and anyone else who wants to listen in) I started on some of the more permanent things you can do to your gear to make your job easier.  This week, I’m finishing it with enchants and other item enhancements.  And, since it seems the most logical way of doing things…  we’re starting at the top.


Arcanum of Blissful Mending:  30 Spellpower, 8 mp5.  Requires Wyrmrest Revered (and 150g).  I personally feel this is a much stronger enchant for priests starting out.  I don’t know about you all, but my regen as a new-80 makes me want to cry.

Arcanum of Burning Mysteries:  30 Spellpower, 20 crit rating.  Requires Kirin Tor Revered (and 150g).  If your regen is good, get this one.


Lesser Inscription of the Crag:  18 Spellpower, 4 mp5.  Requires Sons of Hodir Honored (and 75g).  (Identical to Aldor Exalted Greater Inscription of Faith.  Scryers give a bit more mp5, a bit less spellpower.)

Lesser Inscription of the Storm:  18 Spellpower, 10 crit rating.  Requires Sons of Hodir Honored (and 75g).  (Identical to Aldor Exalted Greater Inscription of Discipline.  Scryers give a bit more crit, a bit less spellpower.)

Greater Inscription of the Crag:  24 Spellpower, 6 mp5.  Requires Sons of Hodir Exalted (and 100g).

Greater Inscription of the Storm:  24 Spellpower, 15 crit rating.  Requires Sons of Hodir Exalted (and 100g).


Enchant Cloak –  Greater Speed:  23 Haste rating.  Costs 24 Infinite Dust and 12 Greater Cosmic Essence.  This is the best option for non-tailors.

Enchant Cloak – Wisdom:  10 Spirit and minor threat reduction.  Costs 30 Infinite Dust, 30 Greater Cosmic Essence, and 6 Abyss Crystals.  Totally insane mats for a relatively small effect.  This needs to be skipped.

Darkglow Embroidery:  Chance to restore 400 mana on spellcast.  This is like an Insightful Earthseige Diamond.  Unfortunately, you must be a lv 400+ tailor to use it.


Enchant Chest – Powerful Stats: 10 to all stats.  Costs 15 Infinite Dust and 4 Abyss Crystals.  This is good, but a bit expensive.

Enchant Chest – Super Stats: 8 to all stats.  Costs 4 Infinite Dust, 2 Lesser Cosmic Essence.  This enchant is cheap, and the best easy choice we’re looking at.


Enchant Bracer – Exceptional Intellect: 16 to Intellect.  Costs 10 Infinite Dust.  This is a cheap enchant, and potentially useful if you’re attempting to balance your int and spirit.

Enchant Bracer – Greater Spellpower: 23 spellpower.  Costs 8 Infinite Dust, 4 Lesser Cosmic Essence.  This is the best option for ease and effect.

Enchant Bracer – Major Spirit: 18 to Spirit.  Costs 16 Infinite Dust, 12 Greater Cosmic Essence.  For some reason, it’s more than twice as mat-expensive as the Int enchant, for almost the same effect.  Potentially useful to balance int/spirit, you’re likely better off spending the gold on Spirit Scrolls.

Enchant Bracer – Superior Spellpower:  30 spellpower.  Costs 24 Infinite Dust, 16 Greater Cosmic Essence, 2 Abyss Crystal.  This is the big brother to Greater Spellpower, and massively more mat-intensive to boot.  If you’ve got the gear and gold, go for it.  I’m probably going to be sticking to the +23 for the time being.


Enchant Gloves – Exceptional Spellpower: 28 spellpower.  Costs 4 Infinite Dust, 1 Lesser Cosmic Essence.  This is dirt-cheap, and a very solid enchant besides.

Enchant Gloves – Greater Blasting: 16 crit rating.  Costs 30 Infinite Dust, 1 Dream Shard.  If you desperately need or want the crit, this is a potential.  It’s hard to justify vs the cost difference between crit and spellpower, however.


Eternal Belt Buckle:  Adds 1 socket to a belt.  Costs 4 Saronite Bars, 1 Eternal Earth, 1 Eternal Water, 1 Eternal Shadow (and either a friendly Blacksmith or just buy it off the Auction House.)  This is a prismatic socket, and any color gem can be placed in it.  Also can be added to a belt already containing sockets.  The gem color you place in the belt buckle does not affect any potential socket bonus of the item.


Azure Spellthread: 35 Spellpower, 20 Stamina.  Costs 2 Crystalized Fire, 1 Iceweb Spider Silk, 3 Eternium Thread.

Shining Spellthread:  35 Spellpower, 12 Spirit.  Costs 2 Crystalized Life, 1 Iceweb Spider Silk, 3 Eternium Thread.

Brilliant Spellthread: 50 Spellpower, 20 Spirit.  Costs 8 Eternal Life, 1 Iceweb Spider Silk, 3 Eternium Thread, 1 Frozen Orb.

Sapphire Spellthread: 50 Spellpower, 30 Stamina.  Costs 8 Eternal Fire, 1 Iceweb Spider Silk, 3 Eternium Thread, 1 Frozen Orb.


Enchant Boots – Greater Spirit: 18 Spirit.  Costs 12 Infinite Dust, 5 Greater Cosmic Essence.  I have this enchant and love it.

Enchant Boots – Greater Vitality: 6 hp5, 6 mp5.  Costs 14 Infinite Dust, 4 Greater Cosmic Essence.

Enchant Boots – Icewalker: 12 Crit rating, 12 Hit rating.  Costs 8 Infinite Dust, 1 Crystalized Water.  This is a surprisingly cheap crit enchant (And the bonus +hit to help a heal land through the tank’s plate/bear blubber is a nice bonus too!)  (And yes, I’m joking.)

Enchant Boots – Tuskarr’s Vitality: 15 Stamina and minor speed increase.  Costs 40 Infinite Dust, 10 Greater Cosmic Essence, 1 Abyss Crystal.  If your guild requires speed enchants (as mine did pre-TBC) this is the one you’re looking for.  (And if they require it, see if they’ll subsidise some of the cost!)


Enchant Ring – Greater Spellpower:  19 spellpower.  Costs 8 Infinite Dust, 1 Greater Cosmic Essence.  A cheap enchant, though as with TBC, only accessible to enchanters.


Enchant Weapon – Exceptional Spirit: 45 Spirit.  Costs 30 Infinite Dust, 2 Dream Shards.  Not a bad enchant, though I tend to prefer straight spellpower enchants to weapon.

Enchant Weapon – Exceptional Spellpower:  50 spellpower.  Costs 10 Infinite Dust, 2 Greater Cosmic Essence.  Relatively cheap, it’s a very good choice for any healer.

Enchant Weapon – Mighty Spellpower:  63 spellpower.  Costs 40 Infinite Dust, 20 Greater Cosmic Essence, 6 Abyss Crystals.  I’ll admit, the mats to this one make my eyes bug out a little bit.  As with bracers, I’m likely to stick with the lesser version of this one for a while.



  1. Nice comprehensive list! I do tend to disagree with your statement on the head enchant… the crit rating (unless you are already at ~25% crit) is generally superior as SoL and IHC procs outweigh the 8 Mp5, especially if you can get to 18-20% unbuffed crit rating)

  2. @ Derevka — In the long-term, I definitely agree with you. Overall, the KT head enchant is superior. However, most new 80s looking for which faction to grind to revered first aren’t necessarily going to be close to that crit rating. (I was about 15% when I dinged.) They’re also going to have crap MP5 (oh god, my mp5 is ouch).

  3. I am madly in love with crit! I have found that using my crit procs and inner fire I can get nice large chunks out of the 5sec rule and let my spirit give me the regen. I have not hit the 20-25% mark yet but I’m trying!

    Anyhow I opted for crit on both head and shoulder enchants. I feel it suits my play style and I’m very much enjoying the results. However from what I see most priests seem to agree with you and go after the Mp5. So I guess it just depends on what works for you. 🙂

  4. Oh and thank you for yet again posting exactly what I want to read! 🙂

  5. I have been rocking my +45 spirit to weapon for a week now, altogether a nice enchant. I’m going from Shadow Priest —> Healy Priest so I went into 25 Naxx/OS/Maly with around 185 MP5 I5SR, this pretty enchant helped my staying power tons, nice regen and a decent amount of spell power through talents. altogether a very nice middle of the road enchant.

  6. Re: Speed Enchants.

    These are honestly fairly useless for raiding now, because if your raid has a death knight in it, she should probably be Unholy (as that tree currently has the best dps spec, the best tanking spec, and the best utility), which gives the whole raid 15% increased movement for free. So the 8-ish% increase is really only useful for moving around faster when you’re soloing or doing small group stuff, but even there it’s often more trouble than it’s worth (cough heroic Loken cough).

    Go for a good stat enchant and you’ll be fine.

  7. I’m starting to think it’s not worth farming my way to exalted Hodir. The difference between the honored and the exalted version seems very marginal now at WLK.

    Honored: 18 spellpower, 4 mp5s.
    Exalted: 24 spellpower, 6 mp5s.

    All I gain is 6 spellpower and 2 mp5. That would have made a difference back at lvl 60 or 70, but I’ve 2020 spellpower and 1000/350 mana regen, so why bother?

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