Jov sez: You’ve got the gear– Now what?

December 16, 2008

First of all, Ding!  I made it early Saturday afternoon turning in HoL quests.  Tars followed a quest or two later.


Last week we covered the consumeables you could look at to give you temporary boosts and aid.  This week, we’re going to start on the more permanent side of the equation: gems, enchants, and other item enhancements. This week, we start with gems.


Gems are very much a balancing act of stats.  A lot goes into determining what gem you should choose:  what you’re needing to increase, the socket bonuses, and meta requirements.  There’s a lot more we’re needing to keep our eye on in Wrath, so there’s no simple rules for gemming like there was in TBC.  As always, you need enough regen to last the fight, and enough spellpower to keep people up.  Beyond that, you need to also work on haste, crit, and balancing to maintain that 1:1 int to spirit ratio.  Aim for 10% haste and 20-25% crit unbuffed.  After that, your ilevels are better used back on spellpower and regen.

redRed — Runed: Teardrop has been discontinued, but that old caster-friend Runed’s straight spellpower makes this a good choice.  Available as Runed Bloodstone (14 spellpower), Perfect Runed Bloodstone (16 spellpower), and Runed Scarlet Ruby (19 spellpower).

orangeOrange — Luminous: That old favorite is back and better than ever. This time available as Luminous Huge Citrine (7  spellpower, 6 int), Perfect Luminous Huge Citrine (8 spellpower, 7 int), and Luminous Monarch Topaz (9 spellpower, 8 int).

orangeOrange — Potent: This is a new choice for priests.  We used to consider crit to be a pally stat, but with the current changes, a spellpower/crit gem is now an interesting option.  Available as Potent Huge Citrine (7 spellpower, 6 crit), Perfect Potent Huge Citrine (8 spellpower, 7 crit), and Potent Monarch Topaz (9 spellpower, 8 crit).

orangeOrange — Reckless: Another gem we’re stealing from DPS, Crit/Haste is also a new option.  Available as Reckless Huge Citrine (7 spellpower, 6 haste), Perfect Reckless Huge Citrine (8 spellpower, 7 haste), and Reckless Monarch Topaz (9 spellpower, 8 haste).

yellowYellow — Brilliant: I’m socketing int.  I am.  Being a spirit-junkie, even with AI, my spirit is higher.  These are good gems for me.  Available as Brilliant Sun Crystal (12 int), Perfect Brilliant Sun Crystal (14 int) and Brilliant Autumn’s Glow (16 int).

yellowYellow — Quick: If you’re needing haste, this gem has it and nothing else.  Available as Quick Sun Crystal (12 haste), Perfect Quick Sun Crystal (14 haste) and Quick Autumn’s Glow (16 haste).

yellowYellow — Smooth: Likewise, this gem is pure crit.  Available as Smooth Sun Crystal (12 crit), Perfect Smooth Sun Crystal (14 crit), and Smooth Autumn’s Glow (16 crit).

blueBlue — Sparkling: There is still only one blue cut really worth mentioning.  Available as Sparkling Chalcedony (12 spirit), Perfect Sparkling Chalcedony (14 spirit) and Sparkling Sky Sapphire (16 spirit).

greenGreen — Intricate: A balance of haste and spirit.  Very interesting gem overall.  Available as Intricate Dark Jade (6 haste, 6 spirit), Perfect Intricate Dark Jade (7 haste, 7 spirit) and Intricate Forest Emerald (8 haste, 8 spirit).

greenGreen — Misty: Crit and spirit.  I’m curious about this one as well.  Available as Misty Dark Jade (6 crit, 6 spirit), Perfect Misty Dark Jade (7 crit, 7 spirit) and Misty Forest Emerald (8 crit, 8 spirit).

greenGreen — Seer’s: My favorite of the green gems, this gem is perfect if your int and spirit are in balance, you’re just needing more of both.  Available as Seer’s Dark Jade (6 int, 6 spirit), Perfect Seer’s Dark Jade (7 int, 7 spirit), and Seer’s Forest Emerald (8 int, 8 spirit).

purplePurple — Purified: Another old favorite reappearing as a better self.  This is available as Purified Shadow Crystal (7 spellpower, 6 spirit), Perfect Purified Shadow Crystal (8 spellpower, 7 spirit) and Purified Twilight Opal (9 spellpower, 8 spirit).

purplePurple — Royal: I know, I know, mp5.  But as has already been covered, it’s not necessarily bad, especially for Disc spec.  I wouldn’t (and didn’t) recommend the straight Lusterous mp5 gems, but these aren’t so bad.  This time available in Royal Shadow Crystal (7 spellpower, 2 mp5), Perfect Royal Shadow Crystal (8 spellpower, 3 mp5) and Royal Twilight Opal (9 spellpower, 3 mp5).


Metas are, quite frankly, a headache and a half.  So I’m gonna say get Insightful Earthseige and be done.

Okay, I’ll do a review, but really, Insightful is all you need.  Seriously.  Really.  Okay, fine.

There are two meta gems which have a number of cuts available.

earthsiege Earthsiege

Beaming Earthsiege Diamond: 21 crit rating, +2% mana.  Requires 2 red, 1 yellow.  At lv 80, with 15000 mana, that’s another 300.  Kinda meh.

Bracing Earthsiege Diamond: 25 spellpower, 2% reduced threat.  Requires 2 red, 1 blue.  I don’t know about your tanks, but…  I don’t need reduced threat.  And 25 spellpower is roughly equivalent to a bracer enchant.  Also fairly meh.

Insightful Earthsiege Diamond: 21 int, chance to restore mana on spellcast.  Requires 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue.  This is the best option. The proc is 5% chance to restore 600 mana with no cooldown, so the chances are high of chaining procs.  It’s very snacky.  Even if you’re having problems with too much int, shed it from somewhere and snag this one. [edit: corrected values– thanks Crutch!]

skyflare Skyflare

Ember Skyflare Diamond: +25 spellpower, +2% intellect.  Requires 3 red gems.  This one, quite frankly, is better for a paladin or shaman.  We need to balance int to spirit, and a percentage increase makes that difficult.  And as mentioned above, 25 spellpower is kinda meh.

Revitalizing Skyflare Diamond: 8 mp5 and 3% increased critical healing effect.  Requires 2 red gems.  Okay, I’ll admit it, this one is kinda interesting.  The mp5 is nothing terribly special, but the 3% bigger crits could be interesting.  Or they could just be 3% more overheal.  Your mileage may vary, I’d advise against.

To sum up:

  • Gems aren’t so easy anymore.  While you can still use the old rules of thumb for gemming, you’ll be potentially ignoring the stuff you need.  This doesn’t mean every gem is good, but all of the gems I listed at least make sense.  Pick and choose between them to get the mix of stats that works best for you.
  • Except for Metas.  Get the IED.  Seriously.


  1. IED is 600 mana now, and 5% proc chance.

    Just FYI.

  2. @ Crutch — Fixed. I had just checked the proc without checking the comments on the meta itself. Those numbers make it even more exponentially better.

  3. Gems seem like one of the easiest ways to reach the magic 1:1 ratio for Int and Spirit because of the flexibility of socketing – but damn if that isn’t bound to get really expensive after a while.

  4. @ Tars– Yeah.

    Luckily the gems themselves will even out. And I has friends I can make puppy-eyes at to cut ’em for me. ^^

  5. I have been just sticking Seer’s in all blue and yellow slots and Runed in all red. I did realize this might not be the best way to do things, but was being lazy. I will take a good long look at my current stats and start adjusting gemming better. You know it did not even really occur to me to gem for crit…and I am soooo in love with crit! I’ll be getting me some crit gems soon! 🙂

  6. @ Ayslin — I know, isn’t it so weird having USEFUL green gems? My gems at the moment are pretty random. My old TBC epics I haven’t replaced are all still socketed with TBC gems (except a couple I snagged free from leveling JCers in-guild) and to counter my aforementioned spirit addiction, I’ve been using lots of int gems everywhere else.

    So I don’t have a firm gem plan, either… Of course, I’m back in the realm of “everything is an upgrade,” too. 😉

  7. I have been balancing my int/spirit with scrolls and elixirs. I wait till all other buffs are on, then look at my stats and use what I need to get the best balance. I LOVE Spirit scrolls by the way, 64 spirit for 30 minutes is nice. And I’m an inscriptor so not hard to get them.

  8. This is great, thanks!

  9. Man oh man, this is great. Now I know what I’ll need to start clinging to as I level my hunter’s JCing for my priest. Thanks!

  10. Ah-ha.. now I know why Tarsus asked if I read your blog. Yes, see? I do! Just late. >.>

    I was thinking of trying out the Revitalizing Skyflare Diamond at some point. It might have worked well with the whole Regrowth Crit Build thing I’m doing. But.. Nope. The mana return is still better. Why? (forgive me, I’m having trouble writing this to make sense!)

    With the 3% increased healing gem, lets say I get an 8.5k crit regrowth. That’s about average. I get an extra 255 healing. Woooo….

    With the mana return gem, lets say I get one proc. I get 600 mana. With 600 mana, I can cast swiftmend once. That will net 8k-11.5k in healing. Lets call it 9k on average.

    I’d have to land 35 crit heals of 8.5k or above to equal the amount of extra healing that one proc of the gem grants. o.o

    I’ll go for the mana return, kkthnx. 😀

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