Jov sez: A Quick and Dirty Guide to Consumables at 80

December 9, 2008

Stats: Joveta, lv 78 holy priest currently specced 14/50/5 for ease of instancing (I’ve actually healed more than DPS’d in the past week!  Yay!) and tasty spirit tap procs while questing.  We’ve caught up a bit from Thanksgiving, and should be hitting 80 this weekend.

Now that the basics are out of the way, on to the main event!

Consumables are (for this post, at least) considered anything you do to give yourself a bit of a buff…  which doesn’t actively involve buffing yourself (or having a friend buff you).  I’m also not going to cover the more permanent enhancements (enchantments, armor kits, etc) because I’m lazy and I want something to milk for future content.   This is a quick and dirty guide, so I may miss some things, but we’re going to cover:

  • Potions
  • Elixirs
  • Flasks
  • Food
  • Weapon Buffs


Gone are the days of chain-chugging.  All potions included in this list are subject to potion sickness.


Runic Mana Potion : The Northrend version of your old favorite; restores 4200-4400 mana with a 1 minute cooldown.  As in TBC, 20 can be turned into an injector.

Runic Healing Potion : Health, the Northrend version.  Restores 2700-4500 health with a 1 minute cooldown.  Personally I’ve always preferred mana potions to healing, as a mana pot + Binding Heal/Desperate Prayer seems a much better use of resources.  As in TBC, 20 can be turned into an injector.

Powerful Rejuvenation Potion : Rejuv grew on me in TBC when I used Mad Alchemist’s pretty frequently.  This version restores 2475-4125 mana and health, and might be handy to keep around for those times when you’re down both health and mana and don’t think you’ll have time to bring yourself up in other ways.

Potion of Nightmares : This may look like the old Dreamless Sleep, but it’s got a bit of a bite.  Instead of a dispellable sleep effect, this one restores 5400 health and mana while putting you under an uninterruptable stun for 6 seconds.  The effect is very handy, but it’s probably a bad choice unless it’s a raid situation where other healers can cover your slack.


Potion of Speed : 500 Haste for 15 seconds.  This caters more to DPS than healers.

Potion of Wild Magic : 60 crit rating, 180 spellpower for 15 seconds.  Again, this is more for DPS than healers.


Double-up!  As always, you can use both a battle and guardian elixir when you’re needing that extra oomph.


Elixir of Deadly Strikes : Crit is nummy, isn’t it?  This elixir is tasty, too.  45 crit rating for 1 hour.

Elixir of Lightning Speed : I’m not as sold on haste as I could be, so I’m kinda meh on 45 haste rating.  For those who love it, however, this is a good choice.

Guru’s Elixir : +20 to all stats.  If you need to keep even buffs to both int and spirit, this is debatably a stronger choice than TBC’s Draenic Wisdom (though since that’s Guardian, they would stack).

Spellpower Elixir : My personal favorite of the available Battle Elixirs.  The others are nice, but I’ll take the 58 spellpower any day.


Elixir of Mighty Fortitude : 350 health and 20 health/5 is really only useful for gimmicky fights where you need a health boost, unless your health is just remarkably low.  It’s there, but it’s safe to ignore it.

Elixir of Mighty Mageblood : 24 mp5 makes this the little brother of the flask version, with the obvious benefit you can make up the difference with use of a battle elixir.  Very strong choice for healers.

Elixir of Mighty Thoughts and Elixir of Spirit : I’m including these together because they’re really all about balance.  45 Int and 50 spirit respectively, these are a great way to bring your ratio closer to the golden 1:1.  Determine what your stats are like, and what buffs you’re likely to get in a raid environment, and if you can’t get 1:1 with buffs and gear, use one of these.


Some prefer these to elixirs for the death-persistance.  You can usually get better effect through dual-elixirs than flasks, but the new Northrend flasks are very mat-friendly making them good for everyone.

Flask of Pure Mojo : This is the new Restoration flask.  38mp5 for 2 hours persistant through death is nothing to sneeze at.  In light of the Regen changes, a very solid flask for any healer, especially one just starting out.

Flask of the Frost Wyrm : For those times when you’re just not quite hitting hard enough, this is an exceptionally snacky +125 to spellpower.


I’m not talking about the stuff the mage gives you that you use between pulls, this is food that goes the distance and brings something new to the table.  *cough*


Shoveltusk Steak : 35 spellpower/30 stamina, taught by cooking trainers.

Smoked Salmon : 35 spellpower/40 stamina, taught by cooking trainers.

Firecracker Salmon : 46 spellpower/40 stamina, purchased through the cooking daily.

Tender Shoveltusk Steak : 46 spellpower/40 stamina, purchased through the cooking daily.


Pickled Fangtooth : 12 mp5/40 stamina, taught by cooking trainers.

Rhino Dogs : 12 mp5/40 stamina, taught by cooking trainers.

Mighty Rhino Dogs : 16 mp5/40 stamina, purchased through the cooking daily.

Spicy Fried Herring : 16 mp5/40 stamina, purchased through the cooking daily.


Roasted Worg : 30 haste/30 stamina, taught by cooking trainers.

Shoveltusk Soup : 30 haste/30 stamina, taught by cooking trainers.

Baked Manta Ray : 30 haste/40 stamina, taught by cooking trainers.

Imperial Manta Steak : 40 haste/40 stamina, purchased through the cooking daily.

Very Burnt Worg : 40 haste/40 stamina, purchased through the cooking daily.


Succulent Orca Stew : 30 crit rating/30 stamina, taught by cooking trainers.

Wyrm Delight : 30 crit rating/30 stamina, taught by cooking trainers.

Poached Nettlefish : 30 crit rating/40 stamina, taught by cooking trainers.

Spiced Wyrm Burger : 40 crit rating/40 stamina, purchased through cooking daily.

Spicy Blue Nettlefish : 40 crit rating/40 stamina, purchased through cooking daily.


Great Feast : 60 AP/35 spellpower/30 stamina, taught by cooking trainers.

Dalaran Clam Chowder : 60 AP/35 spellpower/30 stamina, taught by cooking trainers.

Fish Feast : 80 AP/46 spellpower/40 stamina, purchased through the cooking daily.

oilWeapon Buffs

Weapon Oil doesn’t exist anymore, sadly.  Per Blizz:

Sharpening Stones and also Wizard Oils have been discontinued. While they were something nice to use once in a while for most people for many raid guilds they were simply another burden to the cost of raiding. They also caused some issues in that they only helped certain classes and took away some of the uniqueness of other classes who were able to imbue their weapons with temporary enchants such as rogues and warlocks.

They were a quick, easy way to give yourself a bit of a buff.  I was very sad when I upgraded my priest on a stick at lv 76 and suddenly my oil didn’t work.  I knew it was coming, but to you, Weapon Oil, I /mourn.  RIP

For weapon buffs, make friends with a shammy.  Flametongue is the caster’s new best friend.



  1. Excellent update, I wonder if you can trinket out of the Potion of Nightmares…perhaps its time to buy a few and test with my pvp trinky. 🙂

  2. Probably irrelevant question, but the discussion of spirit/int reminded me: Did they unify spirit-based regen, or does it still differ by class? (I mean, aside from the obvious differences with warriors, rogues, and death knights.)

  3. @ Vigil — I didn’t see a mention of that being possible. Of course, I also didn’t see mention of it being tried! Let me know the results 🙂

    @ Kindrie — You know, I don’t actually know. I’ll need to dig around a bit and look that up.

  4. @Vigil – You might be able to trinket out of it, but that would almost certainly cancel your regeneration as well.

  5. I have found that with the change of food buffs to give X and Stamina, that Golden Fishsticks are still one of the best food buffs that holy priests can use, which is nice because it allows me to use my northern spices to make the firecracker salmon which sells to DPS casters for quite a bit. (Atm selling for 50g per 5)

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  7. I swear you are reading my mind…again! I have been using up my Outlands consumables while leveling. Turned 80 a few days ago and still had them so I have been using them in instances as I did not want to brave the AH prices and my skills are not as high as they could be. Anyhow got my druid to 77 yesterday and began farming herbs like mad! Planned to get on today and figure out what consumables I’d like to stock….and here is a nice convenient list waiting for me! Thank you! 🙂

  8. Come on Jov, stop holding out on me. What am I supposed to munch on when I’m hungry before raids? You got all this food listed. But what am I supposed to eat? What’s the best nutritional choice for the overweight, undertall, and constantly hungry Dwarf Priest?

  9. @ Matt – There can be no other option for you but beer.

  10. I think the oils/stones might be gear dependant Eg my Oils worked on my Scyers Blade ( no real upgrades untill 80 ) but the moment I upgraded to a Wrath piece I couldnt oil it

  11. @ Ayslin — It seems to be on a lot of minds, honestly.

    @ Matt — um… For you, I prescribe Critter Bites. *nodnod*

    @ Pug — Yes, it does seem to be weapon-level dependent. I had no problem until I swapped out my BT staff for a 1h mace from the Zul’Drak arena around 76. But my roomie was leveling a new character and she was fine with oils on Northrend gear until about that level as well.

  12. @ Jov
    Yes I realize I’m not nearly as special as I think I am. Pretty much everyone is thinking the same things. However You 2 seem to always be the first to post the topics I want to read. Between having the post I’m most interested in and that sense of humor you 2 have quickly become my favorite blog to read.

  13. Thank you for this. ^^ I’ve been meaning to get around to figuring out the breakdown of foods, elixirs, & flasks for LK, but you’ve done my job for me. ❤ The only thing I’ve yet to figure out is if I can find any hidden treasures like Skullfish Soup (Crit & Spirit) because I’ve no interest in stamina. What the fz0r am I gonna need another 300-400 HP for? I’ve already got 15k in crap gear.

    I almost cried when my oil did not work on my new weapon. I kinda wish I’d kept my ZA staff just to buff it. I even stocked up on 8 bottles of Brilliant Wizard Oil (36 SP *and* some crit!) just for the time until I’d get new oils in LK. And those mats are not cheap! Oh well. I’ll sell it to low levels for poor profit. 😦

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