Jov sez: Wrath, Week 2

November 25, 2008

Stats: Joveta, lv 74 Holy Priest, currently specced 14/46/5 for ease of questing, getting shunted into DPSing instances surprisingly often, and pwning healing instances the rest of the time.  I’m going to continue with the potpourri “everything” updates, simply because there’s so much out there and I have no idea where to focus.

Wolvar Rock


Nothing much else needs to be said.  How much more amazingly great can you get than little badger/wolverine people?  They’re fierce, they’re adorable, and they’ve got bushy tails.  The first time I saw one I was riding through Dragonblight picking up flightpaths.  I just stopped, squealed, and let them beat on me for a bit while I went off to Tarsus how completely adorable they are. (Disclaimer:  My favorite class in D&D is druid.  Whenever I play a druid, they have a Badger or Wolverine as their companion.  I’m not hugely fond of the “real thing” as far as those particular critters go, but for whatever reason, they’re just my pet of choice in any given game situation.  I’m not a fanatic badger-lover, I’m a GEEKY badger-lover.)

Alchemy, however, does not

25 Elixirs and Potions of green and yellow skill for one skillpoint.    Saying that again, it took me TWENTY FIVE items (not counting procs) of level which should have me getting a point every 5ish at most to go from 414 to 415 Alchemy.  You can bet I was ready to kill something.

In the spirit of full disclosure

And to counter the razzing I’ve been giving Seri for abandoning the Priest Path of Good Stuff…  Our guild is rather abruptly looking at a future with no Resto Shammies on the roster.  This means (after some discussion with the guild leader) my Resto Shammy side-side-side project might be seeing a bit more raiding time than originally planned.  I’m not entirely certain how I feel about this; I enjoy Shaman (though not as much as my beloved Priests) and I did bring it up to the Guild Leader as a “just in case,” I suppose without really realizing how likely the “just in case” could be…  In the meantime, I’m left frantically scouring PlusHeal‘s Shaman forum, EJ‘s Class Mechanics forum, and Too Many Annas to try and de-noobify myself as much as possible.  For a just in case.  Yes, I’m like that.


Old Kingdom is the best instance since Shadow Labs

And for much the same reason.  Time for Fun was my favorite fight until I got to Herald Elephanthead in Old Kingdom and…  I don’t care if he’s got tentacles, he’s my new favoritest favorite thing ever.

And finally,

Different isn’t bad

Really, it isn’t.  Since Wrath released, through various communities, fora and general “word on the street” level chatter, everyone’s been bitching at everyone else over the stupidest stuff.  If you level faster than me, you’re a loser with no life.  If you level slower, you need to suck it up and l2p.  If you’re a hardcore raider, you’ve got it in for casuals.  If you’re a casual, you’re ruining the game for the hardcore.

Do you see how stupid that all sounds?  (Of course you do…  the class of person reading this blog is much higher than the bitchy idiots with nothing better to do than piss and moan over what other people are doing in the game.)  Just…  remember it.  What should have been drummed into everyone’s head in kindergarten when we were learning to share and using the Crayola “you couldn’t cut yourself with these if you wanted to” scissors was just because someone or something is different than me, doesn’t make them bad.

Seriously, people.  Grow up.


  1. Frenzyheart Tribe FTW.

    They totally need an item you can use to summon a Wolvar pup as a non-com pet.

  2. I’d love to have any of the new baby animals as non-com pets. ❤

    (With the exception of the magnataur.)

  3. If you chose the Frenzyheart in Sholazzar, you can get an item that turns you into a Wolvar once every 30 minutes 🙂 Oracles is an item that hatches into one of four non-com pets (a protodrake whelp, 2 different colored tikibirds, or a cobra hatchling).

    As far as resto shamans go, my experience was that they’re still basically “bind every key to brain heal and faceroll” in significant group content; Riptide is nice as a HoT or an emergency button, but it doesn’t really change things. It is nice that the Lesser/Healing Wave spells are actually decent, though.

  4. @ Tars — Rar!

    @ Seri — I’m not much of a pet collector, but I would LOVE a little badger person following me around.

    @ Yuki — Turn into a badger? Iiiiinterestink. And yeah, trying to de-noob myself. I’ve sent a plea to the heavens as far as figuring some things out. I figure “bind every key to brainheal and faceroll” isn’t much different from what I was doing in a lot of fights in SWP (that being “bind every key to CoH and faceroll) >.>

  5. I would love to have a baby murloc pet. The quest where I rescued them was a highlight. Having 12+ babies all so colorful running behind me…happy happy joy joy. ❤ 😀 The walruses are adorable too.

    “just because someone or something is different than me, doesn’t make them bad.” I so agree with this. I’m tired of being flamed for not healing instances(respecced to shadow for levelling) and taking my time opening everypart of the map. And mining and herbing every node on the way. My goals are not the same as a 18 year old college student with no children. Why can’t they just accept it.

  6. The difference is that brain heal is often your best heal even when there’s not much splash damage; if anyone anywhere near the tank might possibly be less than full, it’s the best use of your mana. That’s less true now with some of the new talents, but basically resto shamans in significant group content is sorta like building with a toolbox that has an all-in-one in it; sure you have a separate hammer, screwdriver, etc that might be better now and then but it’s usually easier to just use the big one.

    And yeah, I’d tend to echo the replies in the plus-heal thread; don’t worry too much about relics until you’re cap’d, level as whatever you’re most comfortable with, and you can get the bay totem without ever actually fighting anyone (although the quests DO flag you, so be on your toes). Once you’ve respec’d healbot you’ll mostly be playing like an ele shaman when solo’ing, but it doesn’t really matter before then.

  7. I do really like Old Kingdoms, it is very cool. I also love the boss in nexus that makes you fly through the air, so much fun!! I like fun bosses.

  8. Those images of the herald in the bonfire smoke are pretty cool. It took a bit to notice them, and then a bit longer to figure out who it was. 🙂

    Though OK is fun, AN hardly seems worth it. It takes longer to get people to the instance than it does to actually run it.

  9. @Kindrie – It would probably not take as much effort if it was the heroic daily (for example). Between that and Violet Hold, that’s two Heroics you could do in less than an hour.

  10. @ Missmedic — Unfortunately, the only baby murloc pets I’ve seen have been the Blizzcon ones, which kinda implies to me they’ll be hesitant to make it a real vanity pet for the general populace. On the other hand, there’s the Blizzcon bear in addition to all the other bear mounts that share the same basic model (the one from Dalaran, the one from the CCG, the one from killing the faction leaders) so maybe there’s hope.

    @ Yuki — Spam brainheal while healing 5-mans you mean? *g*

    @ Julanna — Yeah, the bosses in TBC content were a huge step forward novelty-wise from the same old same old in Vanilla WOW. It’s nice to see they’re continuing the trend with lots of boss variety.

    @ Kindrie — It’s a speed run, and like Tars said, that and Violet Hold will likely be the badge speed runs of choice.

  11. I’m on my shaman myself for the time being, though for different reasons. Enjoy it. I find it nice to try something different. But if you find you’re not comfertable with it, go back to your priest.

    You should never find yourself raiding a toon you have no interest in, just for the “good of the raid”. You raid because you like it, and because it’s fun. When raiding no longer is fun, why should you keep it up? No, the big fat purple item drop thingy is not worth it. Neither is reputation or any other reward Blizz throws at us.

    You raid because you find the raiding itself rewarding and have fun along the way, not because of some shiny carrot waiting at the end of the tunnel.

    Besides, you get the chance to try Thunderstorm or having two spirit wolves, depending on how you spec while levelling. It’s a bunch of fun.

  12. @ Ayeba — Oh I wouldn’t have offered if it wasn’t something I thought I would enjoy. As I said, I -like- playing my shaman, it’s just something I didn’t really have a good idea of the likelihood of it coming to pass, and being surprised when it seemed more likely than anticipated. (I thought we had one Resto Shammy on board, though as a part-timer. Turns out I was mistaken, and he was swapped to his other character on the official roster and I just didn’t notice.)

  13. I ran OK for the first time the other night. I’d heard that healers should just survive while the DPS kills their targets and then let the party mop up the baddies when they port into your nightmare. Apparently that’s only on heroic. I realized during the second insanity that each of the images only has 2K health. Dot, dot, dot, fear… Hymn of Hope? A fun fight, but boy did I feel dumb afterward!

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