Seri sez: Hey you, get off my server.

November 20, 2008

launchLaunch weekend is a weekend of growing pains for all MMOs. While some (perhaps wisely) have decided to avoid the hassle of quest zone overcrowding by sticking to instances or holding off on installing Wrath all together… I am not one of them. I knew going in that it wasn’t going to be pretty. I remember the TBC launch–hell, I remember the original WoW launch week and how packed the newbie areas were.

I’ll spare you the gushing over new content, save to say that I absolutely LOVE some of the new quests, because I’ve been reading a lot of that this week. I’m not even going to whine/speculate about whether or not Wrath is too easy and what the future holds for raiding because TentyFifthNovember has already cleared Naxx, Sartharion & Malygos. (Seriously, folks, as Jov pointed out to me: A world-first guild clearing all Wrath launch raid content in under 72 hours isn’t as impressive when you consider that they were farming said raid content in the Beta. Most of that time was spent just grinding their raid team to 80.)

No, I have a very special rant prepared for you today. I thought I was prepared for the tomfoolery that would be rampant in Northrend, ready to roll with the punches and just accept it as it came; as it turns out, I was mistaken. This one goes out to all the asshats that made my life difficult during launch weekend. You know who you are, and if you’re reading this you should be ashamed of yourself.

To the roving bands of Alliance AOE farming quest mobs… guess what? We can do it too and it doesn’t take five of us.

To the folks who reactivated for the expansion, crowding our quest areas and bloating our queues… You’ve already demonstrated that you have better things to do. Let those of us without real lives enjoy our virtual ones first. (Yes, even my intrepid guildies. I e-heart you, I missed you, come back in a week. XOXO -Seri.)Die in a fire!

To the jerks that had no concept of waiting their turn for a named quest mob… die in a fire.

To the inconsiderate punks looting ground spawn items while I’m standing IN them fighting a mob… may all your nodes be ninja’d by chinese gold farmers for all eternity.

To the AFK characters on large mounts parked on top of quest givers making a simple turn-in a two minute hide-and-seek click-a-thon… move your ass! It’s not funny, and I don’t care if you didn’t do it on purpose.

And last, but certainly not least:

To the blueflagging cowards that ganked me because I happened to be flagged after accidentally stumbling across an enemy town… there will be a reckoning. I’m making a list; your time will come, and I leveled a char from 1-70 on a PVP server so I know all sorts of ways to make your life hell.

Although the crowds have already started to thin, please try to be considerate members of the WoW community on your adventures through Northrend and remember–I’m out there, I’m watching, and I have a vindictive streak.

P.S. Don’t ask a Rogue below level 75 to open a Froststeel Lockbox or they just might burst into tears. Or stab you. It’s kind of a fifty-fifty chance thing; even if you like seeing Rogues cry, is it worth the risk?

Lockpicking 375 requires level 75!


  1. I have had all those same feelings numerous times over the past week! I just want to play the game and level up and have fun… I think what irritates me the most is the fellow horde players that ninja sh*t right out from under me! We are all supposed to be (basically) on the same team–I just don’t get it. Can’t we all just get along?!?!
    I also wanted to tell you that I just love this website – y’all rock!

  2. Oh, yes. I like seeing rogues cry – especially when I beat them out on the DPS meters. That’s great.

    PS – Not you Seri.

    PPS – No I don’t actually run comparative meters. Not even that I now to actual DPS.

  3. @ Fiery – I actually haven’t had a problem with folks of my own faction so far. There was one time a guy accidentally tagged a mob he hadn’t seen me approaching.. he ended up questing with me and my buddy for about an hour afterward. Then another time a guy was looking around for a mob and it spawned on top of him and attacked him so he (naturally) fought back. He was so apologetic he hung around until the mob respawned and helped us kill it. I felt kind of bad for assuming the worst and flashing a /rude initially.

    Usually if I approach a spawn spot for a quest mob and see another Hordie standing around waiting (or see one approach while I’m waiting) I’ll invite them to group. That way everyone gets it all done at once and there’s less competition.

  4. @ Tarsus – I run comparative meters. Sometimes. I can neither confirm nor deny whether I like making anyone cry, but right now a lot of folks are out-dps’ing Rogues so we’re all kind of having a group mutual sob-fest. I’ve been told I picked a bad time to change classes. Oh well!

  5. My own faction steals from me more often than the opposing faction does! I swear Alliance, at least on my server, are jerks! My boyfriend and I did have an undead warrior yesterday trying to steal named mobs from us. The guy followed us around and stood on the spawn spot. Note I did say try though…we beat him to the mob every time! Not sure why he decided to follow us around, but he did finally go away.

    All that aside…I’m having a great time with the expansion. Also…I noticed yesterday that the 2 lowest level zones are starting to empty out a bit. I’m leveling my Priest along with my boyfriend’s and my druid I’m leveling solo. I have them both now to 72…yes I’m slow. πŸ˜›

  6. My server is generally pretty polite and I work on the WoW-karma system of “be nice to random hordies and they will be nice to you down the line.” But I reached the absolute end of my rope last night when a shaman duo followed me around and kill stole four named quest mobs from me. Yes, I reported them for griefing. Does anyone actually believe that does any good whatsoever?

    What with my lack of playing time due to work aggro, I was frustrated (and stupid) enough to complain over the general chat channel, and then of course had to suffer the barrage of “QQ more n00b” comments from my supposed compatriots. I hate you all right now.

    Odd that I complained about the trend in increasing ashattery with the expansion today as well, ladies πŸ™‚ Is it just my selective memory or was TBC launch not anywhere near this bad? I remember it being crowded, but certainly not cut-throat.

    *shakes cane at whippersnappers*

  7. Node-stealers and line-jumpers have always bothered me. What’s worse is that on my server, it’s not limited to the opposing faction. Some days, I wish that you could just openly attack your own, but I doubt Blizzard is going to implement that little bonus any time soon.

    “P.S. Don’t ask a Rogue below level 75 to open a Froststeel Lockbox or they just might burst into tears. Or stab you. It’s kind of a fifty-fifty chance thing; even if you like seeing Rogues cry, is it worth the risk?”

    That’s why you ask a blacksmith. πŸ˜‰ We make keys long before the rogues can pick ’em.

  8. @ Ayslin – Well, look at it this way… at least when it’s your own faction you can yell at them. All I can do is shake my fist ineffectually. πŸ˜‰

    @ Oriniwen – It seems to me like there are a LOT more ‘go here and kill this specific guy’ quests in Wrath than TBC but I very well could be imagining things. I remember TBC being very hectic and there being a lot of competition just for killing just generic mobs for kill quests. I think they improved on that a little bit this time around with faster respawns. Waiting on the named folks sucks though. 😦

    @ Pixel – You don’t mind if I call you Pixel do you? πŸ˜‰ The following conversation took place almost verbatim in guild chat the other night:

    Seri: Hey guys, I can unlock Froststeel Lockboxes now so feel free to toss them my way!
    Pally: Ha ha! *links blacksmith key*
    Seri: You’re killing me, here.

  9. @Seri – Look on the brightside, Ghostcrawler has indicated that they are likely going to ditch the cooldown of Fan of Knives, so rogues won’t have to suck it up quite as much on AoE packs.

    Also, once you hit 80 on your Rogue you can always just level your priest <.<

  10. @Seri – Ayslin = Spineless jellyfish

    No i do not yell at them. I silently curse them and say to myself “oh well if you get too many mobs I’ll watch you die!”. Unfortunately that rarely actually happens. Now if they do it to me repeatedly I put them on ignore….then forget why. Boy I suck!

  11. …yeah, after being the victim of herb ninja for months, I now Psychic Scream first and kill afterward if there’s anyone remotely near me. I guess you could use Blind or Sap?

    Paladins who come up and sit on the spawn point spamming Consecrate are seriously irritating.

  12. One of the major reasons that I mostly play on my other server these days; unfortunately the old one is kind of a hellhole in terms of the quality of the average player. Way more asshats per capita than pretty much any other server I’ve ever played on, including the PvP one 😦

    Oh, and memories of “BC launch was better” are rose-colored glasses. I remember particularly in Zanger having to wait in lines and having my quest mobs/itemspawns jacked repeatedly. Lamesauce.

  13. I’d like to point out a few good things about LK to brighten your Spirits. (/pun)

    DPS priests can now heal instances! Yes, that’s right! You call it leveling spec, I call it my beloved. Either way, we can now heal perfectly well with a significant number of DPS talents. This makes me a happy panda because I can now go into a group as either role to get my runs done. Wewtsauce. Also, as I mentioned to a buddy of mine on Vent this morning, there’s seriously something to be said for the Crit healer. Srsly. Seri or Jov, if either if you are motivated enough, test out a healing spec of 25-30%+ Crit chance.

    Also. It’s wonderful to see that my gear (as well as all of yours, I’d assume) will last quite a long time and possibly even to 80. Yet at the same time, there’s new gear that I’ve been getting through quests that I’m thrilled to have. Drape of the Righteous, which lasted me from Kara until now (Hidden treasure ftw) finally got replaced the other night, along with a trinket somewhat similar to Sextant of Unstable currents. I’m a happy panda right now.

    Anyone else loving LK?

  14. @ Yuki — Scarlet Crusade or Feathermoon? I lost track half through the sentence which you were saying sucked donkey balls…

  15. Heya Seri, Jov

    Found your website a short while ago, decided to add my first comment. πŸ™‚

    First off, thanks for a great site. You’re suggestions, and talent builds have managed to give my Priest a major boost during quests and instances (compliments from friends :D). So thank you! Not to mention that your use of sarcasm has me smiling for a long time; what with being a big fan of it and all πŸ™‚

    Secondly, Re:Seri sez: Hey you, get off my server.
    I know exactly what you mean, the amount of times random players come up out of now where and take your named mob is down right frustrating.

    It seems they lack any sort of common decency. It’s all about “Me Me Me ME!” – which actually describes the Alliance attitude on EU Battlegrounds perfectly. It’s all a free for all. But I digress.

    I remember having to kill a named mob last night; 3 alliance, 4 horde just standing around like retards waiting for this one guy to respawn – it actually looked kinda sad lol. I grouped up with a lock because neither of us wanted to wait long, the others refused to accept our invite, one going so far as to say “lol, l2play noobs! if you can’t solo this 71 mob, quit wow!” (yeah, i know what u thinking).

    So, to make their life miserable, I started spamming my “tab” key. Luckily for me there were no other mobs around so when the named mob respawned, i immediately targeted him and cast SW:Death (the best instant cast spell I could think of, lol) all within a second. We got him, /cheer and left the area to the emotes of the horde players /spit, /rude etc and the alliance players giving us crap. Felt good.

    The last one, also last night, three alliance waiting to kill one guy. I immediately group up with someone, while the other (a nelf huntard) ignored us. The moment the mob spawned, the nelf attacked and tagged it. Said “thanks guys :D” and ran off. The huntard was the last to arrive and the first leave.

    Seriously, that type of playing is just annoying and rude. As a friend of mine loves to say: “bloody huntards ruin everything. nobody likes the bastards” lol.

    This time, i felt the quote was justly warranted.

  16. Sorry, was saying I’m prone to avoid ScarCru because the general community is poor. Even speed-grinding my way to 80 on FM, I think I only got robbed a couple times (always by male human retnoobs with bloomin’ union hair :P). Most people have been really cool; it’s kinds refreshing.

    @Ninaske: I think a rogue on the FM forums said it best: “Wrath sh**s all over BC from an absolutely dizzying height.”. It’s actually kinda hard to believe how much better of a game it is, especially given how disastrous BC was before 2.1. When the only real issue is that things are a little too easy, where ” things” consists of entry level content, you’re in a pretty good spot.

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