Jov sez: Notes on Wrath

November 18, 2008

Ready for it?  The quick and dirty recap of my first few days in Wrath.

Stats: Joveta, a lv 71 Holy Priest, currently specced 14/43/5 for maximum familiarity + damage boost.  My first upgrade is in my bags waiting on another 1/2 level (Life-Staff of the Web Lair from Azjol-Nerub to replace my BT priest onna stick.  I’m not worried about the health nerf too much).  I’m currently hearthed to Dalaran and totally in love with it.


Wrath is like Disneyland:  pretty, fun, and full of lines.

So there I was, on the Ancient Lift wondering what was up with it and where it would take me.  I step on a gondola and off we go down the mountain!  It was fast!  It was pretty!  It was full of people!  I couldn’t resist a /yell of “WHEEE!” on my way down.

And at the bottom?  Walrus-people.  How awesome is that?  I know I’ve been on that ride at Disney Land before…

(Also, Grizzly Hills is Frontier Land.  I don’t care what any of you say.  It totally is.)

Dear Pack of Power-leveling Noobs:  Please stop stealing my quest mobs.

The primary reason Jov is still lv 71 is because I HATE fighting for quest mobs.  Seriously, I hate it.  I’m not a terribly competitive person, and I hate the meanness of the “every man for himself, tag stuff as quick as possible, SWD spamming” attitude I have to take to get anything done.  I’ve said from the start my primary plan is to sit out the first week, let all the crazy power-levelers get ahead of me, and then do my questing and leveling in peace.

I’m sticking to that.  The only quests I’ve done for the most part are chains leading to instances, or things that don’t have me waiting an hour to kill something for a quest.  Lots of delivery, lots of “go here, do that” and the like.  Most of my XP has probably honestly come from discovery and instancing.

Ode to Lorem:  Nerf Paladins

Our server-first 80 is a Ret Paladin in my guild.  I don’t feel too bad about my lack of levels comparatively; he’s also the guy I’ve seen take alts from 1-60 in a week.  He’s always crazy-fast about leveling.  (He could totally make a mint selling his services to power-leveling companies. *cough*)

OMGSPIDERS! And other tales of instancing in Wrath.

It’s usually a good idea to read up on boss strats before going into an instance, as we learned from Azjol-Nerub over the weekend.  We downed the first boss, killed a few waves of trash (“Where are they all coming from?!”  “That one did a yell calling for reinforcements.”  “Oh good, I thought I’d ass-pulled!”) and then Seri tabbed out to look up the boss strat.  The spider boss.  Who decided to eat my face as she was reading us the strat over vent.  (“I was tabbed out and all of a sudden heard Jov going ‘EEEEEEEEK’ so I tabbed back in and..  hello giant spider!”)  (Also, Jov is severely Arachnophobic.  So I felt justified in screaming on vent like a little girl when the giant spider ran up and tried to eat me.  Shaddup.)

Tarsus fails at falling.  He was the only death on the way down the hole after the second boss.  We’re trying to get that added to his guild note.

Utgarde Keep is…  neat, but some strange combination of boring and a pita.  It’s quick, it’s linear, but the bosses are annoying and all the trash is exactly the same.  I really love the “Hall of the Mountain King” feeling to the architecture, however.  (I do wish I’d remembered to take a screenshot of myself with Currant at the meeting stone, however.  I’m certain he was wondering who the crap the belf priest who was waving, hugging, and cheering at him was…)

Nexus is my new favorite instance.  It’s Dire Maul/Botanica feel, coupled with actual FUN boss fights (each of the bosses have gimmicks, but they’re FUN gimmicks) make it feel faster and lighter than Utgarde.  Of course, that could also be the lighting.

Who is this rogue and what has it done with Seri?

One nice thing about Seri focusing on leveling her rogue is the fact we actually get to instance together.  Not that Seri turned down opportunities to go lawlsmite and stick me on heal duty in the past, but the group we’ve been running with since the Expansion released of Warrior/Priest/Rogue/Mage/Wildcard has felt like an unstoppable instancing machine.


  1. We went to Azjol Nerub as well in my guild. My priest won the same staff as your priest got, also we had a lot of trouble since we needed to learn the strategies as we went along since nobody has read on it.

    Second boss we had to figure out about all the adds, we ended up waiting for the boss to kill them all before he went after us. Last boss I didn’t enter the “arena” and the wall went up. I could not heal through the wall. I was actually surprised that our tank survived for so long as he did 🙂

  2. Falling damage, my ancient nemesis, we meet again.

    Next time, I’m whipping out the naked button.

  3. =3 Classic D&D party ftw. (>.>” I’m a hopeless dork)

  4. That’s ’cause we ARE an unstoppable killing machine. Rar.

    I’m sure Current was as puzzled by your lavish attention as Valenna was at being licked by some random belf rogue last night. 😀

    I love having other bloggers on our server.

  5. @ Thomas — Yeah, we did get the wall thing drilled into our heads pretty hard before we started the event. I think Seri might have mentioned it two or thee (hundred) times. *cough cough* >.>

    @ Myssidia — Totally not intentional! I swares! (*Hides her D20s and character sheets*)

    @ Seri — no u

  6. @Myssidia – next level I am picking up the feat “Smaller Hit Box” so I don’t die when falling into shallow pools of water.

    @Seri – my secret DPS trick is AoE pulling the entire Instance. I swears.

  7. I so agree with you about the instances. UK looks great but was the most boring instance to tank ever. Every pull the same, aside from a few random undead pulls in between. No interesting bosses either.

    The Nexus however made me squee. All the bosses fill me with glee, it’s just pure fun there. And gorgeous to boot. I haven’t run the Dragonblight instances yet, but I can’t wait.

  8. @ Jov: I’m of the same belief. Screw quest-mob competition. It’s bad enough my friend and I got stuck in Coldstone Quarry (why isn’t there any ice cream there?) for an hour just trying to keep mobs off each other long enough to get mana. And if I could ask a favor? The lawlsmite term hurts. Some of us have a fragile self esteem. T.T

    @ the Nexus: It’s SHINY!! That’s why we priests lurve it. Priests lurve shiny stuff. Faqt. Unfortunately, my first experience in it was on my prot pally, with an extremely impatient and unappreciative DPS warrior who did not understand the concept of healer mana and explained fights. We went in blind with the healer at half-power and I suddenly got a crash course in the life of a yoyo. Tarsus, I’m sure you’ve had a like experience as a tank before, so I feel empathy for you.

  9. @ Kadomi — Azjol-Nerub is… interesting. It’s like 2 trash pulls, then the pulls attached to the first boss encounter. Go through the gate, kill 1 wave, then wait for boss 2 to kill the stuff attacking it before you kill it anyway. Then jump down, kill two “trash mobs” and then it’s boss #3.

    It was very weird. I mean, I’m all for more boss, less trash, but that seemed really extreme…

  10. @ Ninaske — Sowwies, Lawlsmite is just the proper name for it. It’s in the dictionary and everything.

  11. @Ninaske – I have an allergy to pugging, so I have avoided this situation probably more than most tanks, but I think everyone has had that group with the puller that just didn’t understand the concept of /OOM.

    I should probably add though that Jov has absoloutely disgusting mana regen now, particularly if she proc Spirit-Tap. What were you hitting this weekend dear? 1500+ spirit?

  12. Heh, we went through Ajzol-Nerub (both of them one after the other) without reading up on any of the bosses either, which was really fun (though we too got caught by the wall, and had to reset). Especially the last boss of the second one (Herald whatsisname) whose main ability is solidly in the confused-panic-inducing type if you’re not expecting it. : )

  13. @Tarsus – o.o I know I’m not nearly as well geared as Jov, but I just want to say that my entire guild *was* disgusted by my 1339 mp5 while casting after Spirit Tap proc and a proc from a nifty trinket I got in Howling Fjord that increases spirit by 222. =] It makes me proud to have 20+ people disgusted at me at one time for something I actually did *right*.

  14. I liken Azjol-Nerub to a waterslide: Go in, hop on, hop back in line! The only one even close to as short is Violet Hold, which is like BM without all the annoying parts.

    Although Old Kingdom is about a hundred times cooler than any of the other instances, bar none 🙂

    Interestingly, our server first was also a ret pally (as was our server second, who got nothing because she was the same race, too), in less than 48 hours. Not quite as crazy as the folks who had cleared all available content within 3 days of release, but still pretty sick. I totally don’t know what these people are thinking.

    . . . *hides 78 death knight*

  15. @ Kindrie — I’m looking forward to it 🙂 Later.

    @ Myssidia — Isn’t it nice? *g*

    @ Yuki — The dreaded “M” word? >.> (Our server second was Jalem — human retadin. Nerf pallies.)

  16. Oh, I’m sure the dramatic posing from Abomination’s Might will eventually stop being hilarious or I’ll decide to level something up to supply me with mats/try something new. But I suspect it will take a while, as death knight tanking = zomgwin and dpsing is actually technical and interesting.

    That may just be my fear of that awful word, though >.>

  17. Either you wait for people to get leveled or you level faster then them. I picked the last one and experienced my first heroics yday. My T6 gear doesnt fell that good anymore, my regen has fallen and they spellcost much more and most bosses are done with spamhealing and all cooldowns, but i enjoy the new content alot, it is so much different then facerolling CoH in Black temple.

    I still have to experience Azjol-Nerub, but what i hear from guildies the instance is all about 2.boss as you also mention, else i have done all the other instances by now.

    The specc i leveled with are 14-xx-3 holysmite with spirittap, more regen and more spellpower make mobs go down fast, i thought i could do without spirittap for a start. DONT! spirittap is the key to fastleveling together with SoL and Searing light

    Looking forward to hear more about your leveling experience, i liked Sholazar Basin the most, but i also enjoy the storyline of Hemet Nesingwary.

    Also to days run of heroics ended with my first level 80 epic: Gloves of Glistening Runes. The 2 mages in my party was a bit QQ but in the end they understand i needed the crit as much as they do.

    Our serverfirst was a mage and his guild got 10 ppl to 80 before first horde, but they also clear all 3 raidinstances by the 17/11… GG

  18. I’m currently running with a group that all want to see the instance content first-hand without reading; and so far, so good. We’ve cleared Nexus, Utguard, Azjul, and the one next to it (is it Old Kingdom? – very pretty) with very few deaths. We’ve really only wiped twice I think.

    My only complaint (and this will be remedied when we start doing our first new heroics, I think/hope) is that everything is so easy. All the bosses have one single party-wipe ability, but once you account for that, you’re down to a quick tank and spank.

    We don’t even try to use crowd control any more.
    Even accidental body pulling 3 groups has been no problem. Though I have been going into back-up healer mode a little more often.

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