Jov sez: Sappy Sentimentality, Just in Time for Wrath

November 11, 2008

Jov, another faction, circa lv 35As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a horde re-roll.  Specifically, Joveta was created in March of 2008.  Before that, I’d been playing an Alliance priest, druid, and sundry other alts since March 2005, and all of that time was spent in the same guild, playing with the same people.  It was an RP guild, and a family.  WoW was my first MMO, and almost my first computer game.  I had no idea what I was doing.  They taught me what instances are, donated cloth and greens to help me level my tailoring and enchanting, and some even chipped in for my first mount.  They taught me how to play, not just how to heal, but how to exist in a MMO world.Alliance shadow, circa TBC launch

I was bit by the raid bug in December 2005.  A community group made up of members of small RP and Friend and Family guilds took me in, and I healed my way through every encounter in Vanilla WoW excepting C’thun and Naxx.  They had patience with me when I dabbled in the darkside about a month before TBC’s release.

Like many others, the release of TBC was a time of upheaval.  For several months, my guild had been slowly bleeding members.  We didn’t actively recruit, and the slow trickle of people moving on, leaving the game, and other things outpaced the influx of new members.  TBC’s release exacerbated the problem.  We went from regularly having upwards of 20 people on a night to 5-10.  People went hordeside, or found new guilds, or stopped playing.  It was alright, the people I still saw were some of my favorite people in the game, and the guild remained a family to me.alliance, current

When we started raiding with an alliance made up of friendly guilds leftover from my time raiding pre-TBC, some people began logging in again, but we lost much of the feel of the guild as we became less an RP guild that raids than a feeder guild to gear up and app to raid guilds.  It was disheartening to myself and others, and all of the people I was closest to decided around that time to make their horde characters their mains.  I took the plunge, rolling a blood elf priest (for the better quest zones and the mount.  On their own, I actually dislike blood elf models and animations) hoping that playing my favorite class would provide incentive to actually level.  At the time, I had no real intention of raiding in this expansion, though I joined the raiding guild all my friends were in as a Friend/Family member.Jov current

I went on my first Hyjal run in early July as a spot-filler, still wearing late-Outlands blues interspersed with a few Kara epics.  I must have done something right, because by the end of the month I was moved from our Friend rank to a trial raider.  With my friends horde-side, I’ve cleared all of T6 content excepting Kil’Jaeden, who I expect to drop (his pants) tonight.  (edit:  He did.  Go team!) I love everyone in my guild dearly, though sometimes I do get sappy missing all the people and characters I knew over my time in WoW.

  • Yuki:  You took some noobs under your wing back before any of us hit lv 30, and from that time we never did a raid or instance without you.  You taught me to not-suck, and you were some of the most fun RP I had across multiple alts.  I only wish you played horde on Scarlet Crusade instead of Feathermoon.
  • Kat:  I know I still talk and banter with you regularly horde-side, but I miss the goggles, engineering, and boomchicken shenanigans we got into over the years.  I hope your plans work out for the best.
  • Karwyn:  A tauren with a ring on the horn is awesome, but I often miss the night elf in skank plate, monster-sized BWL shield, and braid permanently affixed to the boob.
  • Oreo:  Your relentlessly cheery disposition when faced with adversity coupled with your amazing talent on any character you choose to play makes me feel honored to be your friend.
  • Sami:  Many names, many characters.  I know it sometimes feels we snark more than talk, but you’ve always been there for me.  I only hope you can say the same for me.
  • Naimh and Eirik: I don’t know where you transferred, and I’ve not seen you since well before TBC’s release, but you two always made me smile.
  • Dudds:  Thank you for always carrying around your Wrath set to change into at a moment’s notice.
  • Everyone else:  I’ve not always been the easiest person to get along with, but to those I rarely see:  I miss you all.  To those I still see:  I love you all.  To everyone reading:  I thank you all.


  1. Jov has forgot to mention that we leveled that tank priest combo Deep Holy and Deep Prot from the get-go. We had so many of our friends breeze past us leveling it was not even funny (certain people breezed past us twice /cough *Seri* /cough).

    As far as boob afixed braids go… the braid is still there, but it now moves. Thank you extreme make ove- I mean barber shop.

  2. Awww…that was such a sweet post!

    Pre-Bc I got sick of WoW, having gotten to 60 long before the rest of my guild, and deleted all my characters. When I came back I rolled Horde on a server I’d never been on, Baelgun. I had wanted very much to be Horde….but My ally Friends on Khaz Modan asked me to roll one toon over there. I rolled a Draenei Priest….and I never left. Oh well friends are the most important thing.

  3. .> Determination is a nice substitute for competence.

    I was actually looking at the guild list and thinking back myself last night when I hopped on to chop off Yuki’s hair. Hard to even imagine the old days even when I’m remembering them. I don’t think Wrath will reshape things in quite the same way that BC did, although I’m sure it’ll realign some people’s priorities. God knows I’ve gotta decide what I want to level now; given my relatively limited playtime I might actually have to pick a main :O

    But yeah. Good times ^_^


    P.S: Grats on KJ!

  4. Old SL was fun–I still miss it sometimes. Good luck in the (new) new world! Call me if you need a mage–I’ve been practicing aggro tricks to help out the clearly insufficiently interesting lives of party healers. 😛

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  6. Yeah, we did have some serious fun back in ‘the day’. Honestly, I still think that my time in Silver Legacy were without a doubt the best times I had in this game. Remember our run into LBRS? YOU KNOW YOU DO.

    ❤ to you, Jov. There’s no question, and never has been questioned, that you and Seri are two of my dearest, dearest friends. From our days in Maradon to our raids in T6 on Horde, I’ve never forgotten our times together. Except whenever you guys talk about some ‘pet’ you insist I had.

    Crazies, all of you.


  7. Mind control is the solution to all of life’s problems. True story.

  8. It was with you all and Silver Legacy that I gained the nick Oreo. I adored Silver Legacy, the tales and raiding, friends become family. I miss those times, but look forward to new ones. Here’s to many more tales! …hopefully Sami will stop killing dear at wedding ceremonies.

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