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November 4, 2008

Becoming the perfect Priest is more of a process than an event, and everyone (even yours truly!) is still a work in progress.  Shocking as it may seem, my perfection is still largely theoretical, as I choose to illustrate now with a few points.

1.  I’m a lazy item enhancer.  Seriously, Seri wouldn’t approve my application.  Sure, I gem my gear, enchant my weapons…  I’m all for useful bonuses.  Cloaks, however, are totally not worth it.  If it’s not a Resist cloak enchanted with the necessary resist bonus (Fire for Rags, Nature for AQ40, and more recently Shadow for Mother) I just don’t do it.  (I know, I know, Subtlety.  But have you SEEN the threat gen of tanks since 3.0?  2% less threat on my part is totally not worth the farming up of 8 Primal Shadow the enchant needs.  So nyeh.)

2.  My rarely-played, mostly-retired Alliance priest (and my resto druid, for that matter) still has mp5 gems in her gear.  Yep!  Me, the first one in the parade screaming against the use of Royal gems still has them lurking in the back of her closet.  This is related to the point above, I don’t have money on that side of the fence anymore (as I sent most of it over when I rerolled) and the urge to do dailies to improve gear on characters I play once a month is…  not really there, actually.  New gems in new gear (if applicable) will be fixed, however.  Promise.

3.  Healer Tunnel Vision: I has it.  My UI was designed to keep my chat frames, Grid frames, and all the information I need as close to “together” as possible.  This is because I know the more different places I need to look for information I have, the more likely something is going to be totally missed (like the whispers for Fear Ward rotation on Archi… oops.)  I may not be standing in the fire, but only because my eyes are locked to the bottom 1/3 of my screen.

4.  In the spirit of tracking improvements, I flash healed my way through Molten Core before I learned what downranking was.  (This was before Flash was good for anyone but pallies, fyi.)  My knowledge of my class consisted entirely of “I read the tooltips on my spells and talents” through 6 months of pre-TBC raiding.  A few friends eventually took me under their wing, and introduced me to a whole new world of not-sucking.

5.  For the longest time, I did no actual research on my class.  I’d read the stickie’d priest posts on the official class forums, but felt for the most part that they were entirely filled with whining and emo.  I avoided them, and got my information by waiting patiently for my friends to tell me what I needed to know.  Eventually, I found out they were getting their information from a site called Elitist Jerks and gave it a poke.

6.  Also related to the above, I had no idea that WoW Blogs existed before ~6 months ago.  Yes, another blindingly obvious possibility that I didn’t even think of until someone (in this case, Seri) pointed ’em out to me.  (I also never followed blogs in general before then because I had no idea about rss and feed readers.  Yes, I’m totally participating in this century, why do you ask?)

So there’s me: practically perfect in every way or a totally clueless noob who needs to unplug?  You decide (but don’t tell me… my ego is a precious and fragile thing.)



  1. Yeah, I owe many thanks to a drunken dwarf in my very first guild who taught me that spirit is awesome and slapped me on the wrist every time I flash healed the tank. *rolls eyes*

  2. My cloak is unenchanted, too. >__<

  3. You’re worth as much as you believe yourself. Don’t let anyone else judge how much you’re worth.

    I’ll say one thing. In my opinion, you did the most important thing right, though. For the Horde!

  4. @ Crutches and Jov – If we weren’t one week from the expansion, I’d insist as your healing lead that you enchant your cloaks. >.<

    I’m actually a little embarassed that I didn’t notice it.

    @ Ayeba – Don’t pat her on the back too much, it was a mulligan. 😉

  5. @ Seri — Betrayal always hits from the least-expected sources, dunnit? But seriously. 8 Primal Shadow vs the impossibility of pulling threat off Panda or Blood? Ha! Please.

  6. I do have my cloak enchanted, but I also agree it does seem sorta pointless. Really I only have it enchanted because I’m hopelessly anal! Seriously I am.

    Now I do suffer from that same sort of tunnel vision. My UI is set up so that my grid, bars for self/target/ToT/Focus/Pet, quartz cast bars, decursive, and my “oh shit bar” (CD’s & pots) are all on the bottom center of my screen. I have to remind myself to glance over at chat occasionally.

    As for researching…I have been a researcher from nearly the beginning. However…that really doesn’t matter. To me what makes a good Healer, really a good player, is trying to constantly better yourself. A bad healer is one who decides they already know all there is to know.

  7. I’ve been #^%@$ing about the lack of +Heal/SpDmg enchants for cloaks since I started getting epics. I wouldn’t mind even a +5 SP enchant, or maybe a +hit would be neat. And I’d give my shoes for a crit enchant. I’m an enchanter and I’m very anal, which comes together to make me one who tries to get every enchant I possibly can and ironically is screwed over by the game too often. (35 Agi and Mongoose refuse to drop for me; and the Timbermaw QM is bugged to my account, won’t let me purchase anything, including 15 Agi. icrai.) In lieu of these circumstances, Jov, I can’t say you’re wrong for skipping the Sub post-3.0; though I busted my tail working to get the mats for it as soon as muh sexay Drape of the Righteous dropped (Yes, I’m still wearing a blanket from Kara <3), likely due to the fact that I am, again, anal. And in those days, tanks couldn’t hold threat off high-end DPS nearly as well. Sad days long passed.

    You’re right. The use of Subtlety today is nil unless you’re healing a kamikaze pally tank in cloth (seen it done). And to be honest, you’re not alone in being late to the downranking scene. I just never used it as a healer because I never seemed to run out of mana (my friend tells me “it’s all in the hips, it’s all in the hips” when it comes to my mana pool.. Anyone else have an idea what the #&%$ he means?).

  8. Hi i am new here. My char is Zietha a troll priest on Twillight´s Hammer

    I became aware of your blog though a link from Dwarfpriest.com and been spending most of the evening reading though all the good stuff here. I admit i am a bit behind 🙂

    I am also a lazy and cheap priest when i comes to cloak enchant but in general i try to get the best out of my gear.

    I do suffer from tunnel vision though i try to prevent it by making my UI as clean as possible while still having the addons i need to raid. I sometimes i fell like i am healing squares rather then other players (Grid)
    Chat can easily get spammed so in my guild we have a channel for healing and think many guilds do. I also got an addon so i dont miss those important whispers from the healing officer etc.

    A last comment: No one is perfect the day you become a perfect priest there is no reason to play, it is a learning proces as you mention.

    Looking forward to read many more interesting posts here in the future.

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