Jov sez: 3.0.2 — The New Game

October 21, 2008

So, it’s been a week since the big patch; things seem so different, don’t they?  They do because WoW is a very different game at current.  Regardless of level of progression, it’s very noticeable that things are a lot easier.  My caveat to what I’m about to start talking about goes here:  I’m not in a guild that had “beaten the game” before the patch.  My e-peen is big for all the old-fashioned reasons, not for any that involve Muru pre-nerf.  My credentials are those of a solidly mid-progression raider.  The changes made to raid environments directly benefit me, and my impressions are colored by that.

Okay, so, all that done with… what are my impressions?

  • I need a nerf.  Seriously.  I’m OP.
  • 2-hour BT clears are a good thing.
  • So are raid-wide buffs.
  • Who’s that at the top of the WWS by a huge margin?  Oh, right, that would be me…
  • Carelessness can still get you wiped… sometimes.
  • I don’t know what some priests are doing that they think they’ve been nerfed.
  • The changes are awesome for getting past “stuck” issues with bosses.
  • The Line Boss is the new Elevator Boss.
  • Blizz is totally rewarding me for bad-priesting and it is awesome.

Okay, okay…  My impressions you all might actually care about:

  • While I remain unconvinced that GS is worth dropping Meditation for at this stage of the game, I’ve seen it can be done, and can be done well.  That being said, you’ll pry Meditation from my cold, dead fingers.
  • As a 14/47 spec (differing from my suggested due to misspent points from server lag… I just decided to stick with it and try it out), I could do nothing to run myself out of mana.  I spent all of BT face-rolling CoH, with a smite or flash thrown out when I got a Surge proc.  My mana went nowhere, and I used 3 biscuits all night.
  • BT feels much more like what it is for us: the instance we farm to get gear for people so we can go do the actual raiding in Sunwell.  Being able to clear it in 2 hours is like a gift of 2 free hours we can spend elsewhere.  It also helps with a lot of the frustration of “Here we are again, just like last week, another Wednesday down the drain.”  People were relaxed, laughing, having fun and not taking things so seriously.  There’s time to actually work on the bosses we need to work on, even with our 3-day schedule.
  • We couldn’t get Kalec down pre-nerf.  There were some heartbreakingly-close attempts, but with raid comp availability, we spent a lot of time mindlessly throwing ourselves at him.  We wiped so much, we forgot how to do anything but wipe, attempts always felt doomed from the start. We downed him the same day as the 2-hour BT clear, with minimal raid deaths, on our second attempt.  There was much happy screaming in vent.

There are a lot of complaints out there now about Blizzard dumbing down the game with these systems of nerfs.  People who beat the game before 3.0.2 feel somewhat insulted that Blizzard is discounting their hard work in making things accessible to everyone.  People who’ve been working through content feel a letdown that Blizzard suddenly made things too easy, taking away all sense of accomplishment.

I have one thing to say to both of those camps:  QQ.  If you downed KJ before Tuesday, you have the pride in knowing that you beat the game, you’re awesome, and that all the rest of us out there needed the nerf to do what you could do with out.  If you’re upset that suddenly Kael or Archi or Illidan are easy, you should have gotten them down before the patch.  If you couldn’t, you’re the person the change was designed to help.

And to both as well: if you don’t like it, hang up your DKP and stop.  Everything is going to reset in three weeks, anyway.  Then, we can all move on to Naxx, which Matt assures us isn’t so easy.  That, at least, should make everyone happy.


  1. Thanks for another great post. First, here’s another tissue “sample” for you to use: http://nimcraft.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/p-640-480-51c7567e-5c89-4f33-9c19-c59258faa282.jpeg

    (Blizzcon swag bag tissues.)

    But second, a tiny bone to pick with ya. I don’t think you’re a “solidly mid-progression raider”. Raiding Sunwell and BT pre-patch is a higher-level than simply mid. It’s an upper single-digit percentage of players that do that. The trick is, the folks with the blogs where they talk about that are also in that small percentage. Casual players don’t blog about their ho-hum WoW experiences typically. Well, one exception is the Big Bear Butt Blogger. He talks about (finally) clearing Kara post 3.0 patch. That surprised me, given that he blogs about WoW.

    Anyway, that’s not a criticism of you: it’s further e-peening for ya! e-fluffing, perhaps. 🙂

    Love and huggles!

  2. I am also very much enjoying the patch…except it screwing up my add ons. I could definitely live without that part! I was beyond excited to find that Grid Lifebloom timer was updated yesterday. So excited I called my boyfriend at work! He did not care, but he sucks!

    Seriously though I do feel OP on my priest. I never run out of mana. I think I could spam flash heal forever and still not run out! In fact I’m so sure of my mana I’m going to try a pure 61 point Holy spec. Doubt I’ll stay that way, but I also doubt it will cause issues with me healing through a super nerfed raid.

  3. I’ve yet to do a 5-man on my priest, sad as that sounds. But I did Hyjal last night for about 40 min and it was fuggen thrillicious. Holy Nova spamming (and yes, I’m with Seri on the Glitter. ^^) left me with about an average 2k /spare/ mana by the end of the wave, on top of tossing heals all over the damn place. And believe me, I tried. I *once* was able to drain all mana, and screenshotted it due to my amusement. (Can be found on the In Defense of Holy Glitter comments)

    Ayslin- Grid seems to be one of the only add-ons I use which is working in 3.0. I feel your happiness. ^^

    I know this will sound severely blasphemous, but I have to say it because I’m an honest guy. I’ve been playing my hunter 90% of the time since 3.0. Yes, I adore my priest still, but my hunter is kicking tits on the dmg meter. If any of you have a 70 hunter alt (mine’s just starting on T4 gear), try out the new Survival. Awmg.

  4. @ Nim — re: your bone. I would agree with you but for one thing… Not downing a boss in Sunwell is really just hours upon hours of SW trash farming. Mid-progression can sound really misleading, but KJ’s been farmed by some guilds for months. We’re not at all on the crest of the curve. Mid-progression is a very large span. 😉

    @ Ayslin — I’m a huge addon tweaker. I love building and rebuilding my UI. I totally ripped out my addons and saved variables and went back starting from scratch. My current UI looks… almost exactly like my previous. But it takes up a lot less memory, so I’m happy.

    @ Ninaske — That’s fine. You can keep your holy glitter. And no, I’ve a 63 hunter ally-side, and a 48 for the horde. I don’t have Surv, my 48 is BM for speediest leveling, and my 63 is fairly untouched, beyond doing some MM dps tests.

  5. Good point. It’s certainly a broad term, that “mid level” thang. But still, regardless of progression, you and li’l miss Seri are Her Majesty’s leetness! 🙂

  6. We’re not mid-level after last night! Rar. Raid nerf = seeing more of Sunwell before expansion = happy Seri.

  7. I feel dirty for casting Flash Heal as much as I have been. But no one will take enough damage to warrant a Greater Heal… And tanks are starting to get a little bit creeped out by me asking them to take their gear off when they’re tanking.

  8. @Dae: *snorfle*

    @Jov: Please, do yourself a favour and get the Talented mod. It’s all kinds of awesome. It can even export/import wowhead links.

    Theoretically it can cooperate with DrDamage to show you what your dps/dpm etc would be if you spec’d such-and-such a way. DrD hasn’t been updated yet though, so ignore that for now.

    My semi-casual-hardcore mid-to-high level raidcomm downed Brutallus last night. Only one night in SWP before. Woot! It’s always been a matter of time for us tbh, often we only get 3hrs progression a week.

  9. @ Nim — haha! Thank you.

    @ Seri — yeah, yeah. Go back to studying Twins strat, imo.

    @ Dae — It’s a weird position to be in. Pre-TBC, I primarily used Heal before the first downranking nerf. After, GHeal 1 was my primary spell. Flash was ALWAYS emergency-only. When I started in T6 (essentially raiding on this character) I ended up using it a lot more. Now… between that and CoH, it sometimes feels like I don’t use anything else.

    @ Eldr — Talented? I’ve not actually heard of it. I’ll poke around. Also, yeah, I discovered the lack of DrDamage updates, which made me a saaad panda. And congrats on Brut. After Kalec, he’s a hard-hitting walk in the park. 😉

  10. Absolutely agree with WOW being a different game. It requires us a new school of thought on how we do things.

    Blizzard letting more guilds see more content is a great move. They didn’t want their content to go to waste like Naxx pre-bc where people just stop raiding.

    Also yeah our Spriest during the fight on Brutallus was doing anywhere 2k-2200 dps what a jump from 1200-1400.

  11. I am having to change how I heal on both my priest and my druid. I had always avoided flash heal before, but started using it more and more. With the patch I specced into Surge of Light and love getting those free flashes! Really though I avoided flash as it ate through my mana fast. As my gear got better this became less and less of an issue. I also learned when I could get away with using flash and when I could not.

    With the patch I am having ZERO mane trouble on my priest. My druid…whole other story. I have been fiddling with spells and hopefully soon I’ll find that magic spell combination that keeps my mana from running dry. As it stands I’m doing alright, but I am having to innervate often and it worries me as the raids are nerfed right now. What happens when stuff starts getting hard?

    Oh…. final note here. I respecced last night to 61 holy. Only got to try it though on Headless Horseman which really doesn’t count! We are going to try dipping our toes into Hyjal this weekend though. Wish me luck 🙂

  12. @ Herc — Yeah, missing Naxx pre-TBC was a real disappointment. I saw one fight (Got Razuvius down) but the rest of it was totally lost on me.

    @ Ayslin — I seriously boggle at people saying they have mana issues on their priests. I literally can almost never run myself out of mana. Also, good luck in Hyjal 🙂

  13. @ Ayslin – Good luck in Hyjal! It’s a hoot. 🙂

  14. It was a lot of fun! Only got 3 bosses down, but we had a blast doing it. Oh and even with 61 points in holy I did not run out of mana.

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