Seri snarks: Spec Wrecks

October 9, 2008

I’ve never considered myself to be a speccist (defined as someone who believes in one true way to spec for a given class/role) but maybe I’m starting to get a bit pickier as I age. These days I find myself getting more and more snarky when I encounter questionable spec choices. Today, I’m going to share with you some of the specs I love… to hate.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart! Read at your own risk, particularly if you have a weak stomach.

Wreck #1: The Weekend Warrior – 19/42/0

Can’t decide if you prefer to raid or PVP? Spec for both! Eschew pesky things like Inspiration and Imp. Fortitude… surely some other priest will pick up the slack.

Wreck #2: Tri-Specced to Useless – 21/20/19

I think it was Jov that first coined the phrase ‘Tri-Specced to Useless’ unless she stole it from someone else and passed it off as her own witticism (really, I wouldn’t put it past her). Although it was originally coined with Druids in mind (and you KNOW the sort of druids I’m talking about), it applies equally well here. Congratulations, you have chosen a spec that might allow you to solo dailies without being remotely viable for anything else.

Wreck #3: I Am Holy, Lawl: 0/61/0

It’s been a long time since I saw this beauty… thankfully. I can only imagine that this is dreamed up by the same sort of brainiac that puts 61 points in Protection to be a tank. Although 61 points in Resto makes for an awesome (if helpless) Druid, the same cannot be said for Priests. Walking around with this spec is like having a bright pink blinking neon sign reading ‘Dumbass’ over your head. I’m convinced that’s what my tooltip should tell me when I mouseover someone with this spec, rather than something so innocuous as “Holy.”

…hey, that’s not a bad idea. WTB add-on coder!


  1. I guess that whole dual-spec thing that may or may not be possibly coming in at some time might help with, at least, those weekend warriors, who can get themselves a solid, toight raiding spec and a pvpstravaganza without too much fuss.

  2. Multi-spec into useless is my thing. However, the idea behind it was shamelessly stolen from a friend of mine who used to complain about D&D players “multiclassing into suck”

  3. Those specs make me die a little on the inside when I see raiders with them.

    @ Jov – o.o” Sometimes people multi-class into suck, but I had a friend who did all that crazy optimization where his characters were 1 level into this, 1 level into that, etc until he was doing crazy things. No idea where I was going there. Did I just support crazy multi-specs?

  4. @ Myssidia — I’m… not certain. If you did, I’m going to have to beat you with the wet noodle.

  5. The WoW talent trees are not nearly as front-loaded as some of the 3.0/3.5 D&D classes were, so I suspect it’s a less good idea than it is there. 🙂

    The first one, while really not a raiding build, is vaguely understandable–it’s similar to what I’d come up with if someone asked me to create a PvP build which was mostly-Holy instead of mostly-Discipline. Though in that case, skipping Inspiration and Holy Specialization is still weird…

    What addon are you using to get specializations into tooltips in the first place?

  6. @ Kindrie – I use Cowtip.


    Sometimes I like to stand around Shattrath and just mouseover people to snoop their spec and guild rank. Guild ranks are pretty funny sometimes. Also, I’m nosey.

  7. Yay for being nosy! I too am nosy and have gotten cowtip to assist me in my nosiness. Sneering at funky specs is fun! Cowtip also tells me what guild they are in and what rank they are…also interesting info for the nosy people out there. On the other hand I have a kind side and a quick mouseover allows me to see if they need a heal…unless they are Horde in which case I can stop and laugh. Ummmm I mean ummm….ignore that last part! 😀

  8. I suppose you might laugh at me. I will not have inspiration again soon, as I will give it up in order to get and play with guardian spirit at 70. There is some support to this decision in that my favorite tank and I have done test runs with me having it and not having it. There was really not a noticeable difference in either of our performance, not sure why, I know everyone else loves it. We are in early content still, perhaps that’s why.

    I miss my old rank. Some of our ranks made no sense, so the gl changed them as a few more people joined, but as an officer, I think Bank Ninja was a much better rank than plain old officer….

  9. The first thing I do when I meet a new priest is inspect their gear and their spec. Cuz with some people… it’s obvious they don’t know how to play the class just from their gearing and speccing choices. I pre-emptively avoid bad pugs.

  10. @ Julanna — I’m ALL FOR playing around and seeing what all our different spells can do. I’ve always advocated speccing how you want to try things out. However, if you’re raiding, it kinda stops being just you and starts being 24 other people, and that’s where I draw the line between trying things out and your responsibility to not-suck. My spec come Tuesday is probably going to stay very similar to my current spec, just because I need to still be able to do my “job” in my raid group. Once Wrath hits, however, I’m definitely going to be poking around with wonky specs and trying stuff out 🙂

  11. & also yeah, Cowtip is a beautiful and wonderful thing. I luuuurvs it. ❤ ❤

  12. @ Ayslin – I have an RP addon that comes with an option that lets me see people’s guild rank if I want. I disabled that one though, it was too distracting…

  13. Graaaah when will I learn to put my new blog address in the little box *flails about*

  14. I too tend to be a nosy priest. Not only do I enjoy looking at what interesting things people are doing with their specs, but I also quite like laughing. Might sound mean, but nothing makes me giggle more than a priest in T5-T6 gear and a spec that could make a CL cry. (I once ran into one of these people, and they happened to be their guild’s CL. I felt tears coming on at that point… tears of laughter.)

    I might have to look into Cowtip. Though I already use Examiner, which I adore because it lets me keep a huge cache of inspections in it. 😀

    To the original post: I’m surprised I didn’t see my favorite failures here. ~50-61/~0-11/0 healers and 0/0/61 shadow priests. I have too many stories for these, the worst of which being a 0/0/61 in Primal Mooncloth and blue DPS gear… and she claimed to have been raiding shadow at 70 for 8 months. /facepalm

  15. @ Ninaske – Shadow + PMC = Fail. That’s a whole other article, I think. 😉

  16. (Though 3.0.2 makes it a little less ridiculous.)

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