Jov snarks: Priestadins — UR DOIN IT WRONG

October 7, 2008

Croikey!  We’re ‘ere in the jungles of WWS explorin’ tha ‘abitat of tha endangad Greatah Heal…  Up a’ead, I think I spot a ‘erd…

Aww… Inn’t that a beaut’?

Even 5 or 6 months ago, this ‘erd would be ten times this soize.  You can see there on tha roight that there’s still a bit ‘oldin’ out.  Tha probl’m, o’course, is tha approach of the aggressive Flash Heal.

Evah since tha population of tanks stahted to rise, priests stahted to use Flash Heal to keep ’em goin’ cos Flash Heal is faaaaast.  Unfortunately, it also eats TONS of mana!  An’ it’s drivin’ tha poor Greatah to extinction.

It’s a nevah-endin’ cycle cos tanks need a lot a healin’.  Greatah is just the best at tha job.  Flash is fast, but it’s also smaaall.  It’s a great emergency heal, or fer toppin’ off DPS when raid healin’, but when ya ‘ave a tank, Greatah will fill ’em up bettah an’ keep you goin’ longah.

Realleh, tha only Flash a tank needs is tha Flash from tha Pallerdins.  It’s fast too, but doesn’t eat so much an’ can go all day!  If yer gonna heal a tank, stick to Greatah.  Save this won’erful endangad species.

Update! Developahs are curren’ly workin’ on three-oh-two, which should make Flash cost less with glyphs, and be much more voiable.  This species is evolvin’ before our verreh eyes!  So excoitin!  Until then, howevah, remembah tha Greatah.  Greatah for greatah tanks.



  1. Crikey!

  2. Every time a priest says “I need an innervate” because they’ve overused flash heal, a fairy somewhere drops down dead.

    On another note, if I hear a certain one of my guild officers say the above sentence two minutes into a fight ONCE MORE I am going to stab him with the blunt end of my hammer.


  3. @ freelancerbob — I had about 4 intros started to this post before I stumbled upon Croc Hunter. And yeah, you see what won out. Probably the most fun post to write I’ve done yet. 😉

    @ Dae — ffs, in three years raiding as a holy priest, I can count the number of Innervates I’ve gotten on one hand. If you NEED an innervate, roll a druid, plzkthx. You have your own ways of regenning mana.

  4. Ha! Innervates for druids? You’re smoking a bunch of crack. 😛 I’m most looking forward to Wrath because of the Innervate glyph so I can at least get some benefit from innervating someone else. At least the priest that we innervate the most is putting out massive numbers with Circle to keep us all alive. 😀

  5. @ Imalinata — no No NO! I -am- that CoH priest keeping everyone up. Gear properly, use proper spell rotations, manage your cooldowns. YOU DO NOT NEED INNERVATE LKAJERLKJWOIEJUDOIGOIQOIJJLK!!!


  6. Depending on raid make up, namely how many other aoe raid healers you have, you could use the proper spell rotations, manage your cooldowns and still need a innervate, especially if you are undergeared for the encounter.
    But I can see your point, I have only been innervated once since starting 25 man raids that I can remember and it was just a random innervate on trash that I didn’t ask for and didn’t need.

  7. @ Hanawa — Then gear up. Or don’t spec CoH if you’re not geared for it.

    There’s always going to be exceptions to every rule, and yes, if you’re undergeared and forced to spec CoH, you’re going to have a really rough time of it.

    When I started raiding on this character, I’d been 70 for 2 weeks, was wearing high-level blues, one or two pieces of Kara gear, and was tossed into a Hyjal clear. It sucked. I got an innervate. I didn’t ask for it, I didn’t really feel I -needed- it, I was watching my cooldowns like a hawk. *shrug*

  8. Your Steve Irwin talk hurts my brain 😦

  9. I am eternally trying to better my mana mangement. No matter how many druids we have I do not count on their innervates as I figure if I’m that desperate for mana they are too. To me part of learning an encounter is figuring out how best to get through it mana wise. Knowing when to pot and when to use shadow fiend. Figuring out when and how you can spend time not casting to regen. If a fight is hard on my mana I try to figure out what I can change to make it better. In my opinion Priests should rarely, if ever, need a druid’s innervate.

    Oh and I am priest lead in my guild. When watching new recruits in raids one of the things I watch for most is how long their mana lasts. Longevity means far more to me than how much healing you can put out in the first couple minutes of a fight.

  10. @ waterbearer — Sorry, that wasn’t exactly the intent XD

    @ Ayslin — Yes yes, 1000-times yes.

  11. It’s a simple lesson.

    Learn the hps and hpm of all your spells, and what the differences are.

    A similar lesson is “Figure out why the designers put each spell in the game”, because (most) spells have different advantages. If you can figure out when each spell could be used, you’re a long way to actually using them when they can be used.

    Or something.

  12. Yeah, as to innervates, we use them on our shadow priests mostly, so EVERYONE in the group gets the benefit:D

  13. @ Crutches – UR MATHS HURT ME! >.>

    @ bob — That’s actually a really good idea. Our group is pretty free with innervates. Usually it’s the shammies screaming for them, though. 9_9

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