It’s coming

October 3, 2008

In our effort to be informative and educational (and lure you all in with a false sense of security), we’ve moved a bit away from the original intent of this blog.  So, I’m pleased (for myself) to announce that we’ll be taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a special World of Snarkcraft© Exclusive:

Snark Week© 2008*

Gasp! at the daily postings from your twice-a-week bloggers!

Thrill! at the lurid screenshots we provide!

And rest secured that we’ll be picking back up where we left off on the 14th, just in time for The Patch. 😉

* Snark Week© is the sole property of World of Snarkcraft© and should not be in any way confused (intentionally misleading shark picture aside) with Shark Week© which is owned by The Discovery Channel©World of Snarkcraft© is no way affiliated with Discovery© or with Sharks© (except our own beloved guildie “Sharkie”©, may she return to us soon).  Some restrictions apply, void where prohibited by law.  Please use responsibly.  May not be available in all areas.

(And yes, I know we’ve only been live a couple weeks now, but we’ve been focusing so hard on “real” content and trying to build up a backlog of serious posts, we really needed a dose of silly.  Expect Snark Week to appear whenever we start getting the sillies.)



  1. Yay Sillies!!

  2. I’m scared already.

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