Seri sez: In Defense of Holy Glitter

September 18, 2008

Why I continue to spec into Holy Nova (aka Holy Glitter, lolnova, etc.):

1. It really annoys Jov.

2. There is no #2.


  1. 3. A semi-serious point! For those of us playing lolsmite, as I am on my priest alt, a pulse of Holy Nova in an AoE situation has a good chance to proc Surge of Light – so the hefty cost of the HN is mitigated somewhat by the free Smite that follows it. 🙂

  2. @ Siha — Oooo, I had never considered that… does every mob tagged with the nova yield a potential proc?

  3. I use holy nova in 5 mans =D

    Mana wyrms in MgT, and the little annoying things in Arc.

  4. Seri: Yes. You can keep up Nova-SoLSmite-Nova-SoLSmite for a good while, often.

    I still miss the chromatic-but-not-holy immune skeletons in Scholomance though–they were the most legitimate-sounding justification for the spell. 🙂

  5. All mobs and all friendlies can get a crit proc. How swanky is that? It’s pretty rad for 5-mans, but the most beautiful thing I’ve seen with it is Mount Hyjal (believe it or not). Here’s why:

    My guild put a Holy pally with enough Ret for Sanctity into the tank group, allowing much greater threat gen for the pally tanks on trash waves. They also stuck me in there as well after I had a chat with the officers about Holy Nova. The result: ~700 non-crit damage per mob per second (~950-1.2k crit on a 35% crit chance) on top of ~900-1.1k non-crit healing per friendly per second (~1.3k-1.5k crit on a 30% crit chance). For about the 15-20 seconds it took to get the waves down with our AOE teams, I’d be dealing 8-9k AOE DPS and 2-3k HPS, making me at that particular point the game’s most valuable DPS. And that’s a warm fuzzy feeling. =D

  6. @ Ninaske – In a word: Wow. 🙂

    I’m going to miss Sanctity Aura. R.I.P.

  7. Seri-
    My ‘retirement-home’ guild brought me along tonight to help them with Hyjal, and I took care to get you a couple screenshots. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay for very long (group meeting for college homework pulled me away). I had an oops-moment in forgetting my elixirs, food buff, and weapon oil. I also am missing 5% of my spell crit :(. However, despite the issues, I did retrieve some eye candy for you.



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