Jov sez: Holy Glitter

September 5, 2008


I use this screenshot to demonstrate a couple things.

1. Seri has Holy Glitter, which she spams incessantly given half the chance.

2. I DO NOT APPROVE, and make my disapproval known by shunning.

3. (Seri has too much time on her hands, and ground up Sporregar rep for the tabard.)

I wish this wasn’t just for the photoshoot, so I could express my true feelings whenever I wanted.

That’s right, folks. When you see someone with Holy Glitter, there’s only one reasonable response: stop, get away, do not encourage them.

And then proceed to make a blog post mocking them for their addiction to all things shiny.

(okay okay… I was actually posting this to include an image in a post to see how it looked. But remember, kids. Holy Glitter: Just Say No.)


  1. Holy Glitter is a hunter snake trap killer, and a ‘get away from that flag you *&*^&##*&*!!’ ability.

    I’ve never not stuck the one point in 😉

    Having fun reading so far btw ^_^

  2. @ Shyara — Bah! I reject your reality and replace it with my own. 😉

  3. Just last night I used Holy Nova
    to solo this:
    at level 45. Well I used more than that but Holy Nova was crucial when the princess just spawned too many adds that were killing/interrupting me.

    Granted it was the first time I had a meaningful use for it but for leveling holy/disc priest an AoE spell at 1 talent cost seems reasonable.

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