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September 4, 2008

Hi, my name is Jov.  I’m 1/2 of this blog.  Seri and I both come from a middling-progressed RP-PVE server where we make our home in a guild straddling the T6 line.  (We’ve got Hyjal dropped from the roster, have Illidan on farm, but haven’t quite gotten Kalecgos down.)  I say middling-progressed because we’re the 3rd ranked Horde guild on the server, and the furthest any guild has cleared is Eredar Twins.

I’m also an armory-stalker, and overly opinionated when it comes to Priest spec and gearing.  (I can only sigh at Seri’s point in Holy Glitter.  She’s my class lead.  But do you hear that, Seri?  I’m sighing at you RIGHT NOW.)

This blog was mainly formed over long emails back and forth bemoaning the fact that some priests manage to make it to T6 without learning simple facts about their class, or even what some talent points mean.

  • Doing your only class research on the official class forum.  BAD.
  • Thinking Elitist Jerks is a band.  BAD.
  • Not following patch notes and noting that in 2.4, spirit became king and you should get rid of all those nasty, dirty mp5 gems and enchants.  BAD.

We here at World of Snarkcraft believe that these people should be shown the error of their ways, with beatings if necessary.


  1. Hi! This is just a welcome to the Blogosphere. And congratulations! @Jov: Honestly I think you’re a true winner in the competition. No matter how flattering it would be to blog for Matticus – you can’t deny that running your own blog adds a special dimension to it. You’ve got the full responsability, you’re pretty exponsed and on your own. Sometimes the duty may feel a bit heavy. But it’s YOUR blog. (Well, now you’re two about it, but it’s an equal partnership). Be proud!

    You’ve started out extremely well and I’m sure this blog soon will be on many blogrolls.

  2. Hi! I’ve just read through all your posts, and I’m really looking forward to more content from your priestly selves – this is looking very promising 😉

  3. @ Larísa — Thank you for your kind words. You also speak the truth. I have nothing but good thoughts for my experience with Matticus and the competition, but it’s both fun and amazingly scary to be doing this out on my own now.

    @ Siha — zomg thank you ❤ !!

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