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WoS Goes Archival

May 14, 2010

Given the sparsity of posts around here lately, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to any lingering readers that the time has come for WoS to close its doors. We had a good run, and would like to thank everyone who read, commented, inspired, educated, linked back, guest posted, tweeted and/or snarked with us. The site will remain up for now, as there is still some useful information in the archives, but our guides and such will not be updated as new content is released.

May your mandolins be chubby, your acheesements tasty and your adventures legendary.

Stay frosty, friends, and may the Snark be with you.

Jov & Seri


Jov sez: Self-hate is a bitch

February 16, 2010

I’ve been having a rough time with WoW recently.  Between  computer issues, lack of raid time, and general feelings of frustration and burnout, my output has tanked and my ego has shriveled up to a raisin or prune compared to the massive watermelon it was just a few months ago.

I’ve been working on dragging myself out of my slump.  I have to say, however, that the HoR run that Tars so eloquently rants against was NOT what I needed right before a raiding progression night to get me in the mood to kick ass and take names.

Or, rather, it got me in the mood to kick ass and throw things…  which considering the nearest thing was the computer, was not exactly conducive to raiding later.

And while we ended up having a comparatively clean raid night, it really soured the start of things for me.

I keep  trying to finish this with something that’s NOT sappy and maudlin which I keep failing at.  So it’s a half-post for me.  I suppose it’s better than no post, which this week almost was, but burnout hits in lots of directions.


Jov sez: Listen to me, I’m totally e-famous

February 10, 2010

Or at least I will be.  Please direct any questions (except where’s Seri– Seri’s shy) to


Jov sez: That’s not my job!

February 2, 2010

As I mentioned very briefly in my last post (two weeks ago– oops!  RL continues to interfere with my posting time) I have computer issues making raiding a difficult prospect at best.  Specifically, as soon as I step into a raid instance, my framerate plummets to below single-digits.  I turn into a bad raider.  I stand in stuff.  I run INTO aoe.  I can’t actually do very much reactive OR proactive healing since sometimes when I hit a button, it’s registering 2 seconds after I start frantically pounding the keyboard.  So, I’ve stepped down to our part-time raider rank and am only reading when I can steal Tars’ computer for the night.

Needless to say, the majority of my wow-time has been taken up with 5-mans and alts lately, since 5s seem to avoid all my raid problems.  And I have to say, as a healer and as a DPS, I’ve had remarkably good luck (nothing for Ava‘s Scrub Pub) but there are a few key misconceptions that some people seem to suffer from when it comes to their expectations of me.

As a DPS, it IS my job to:

DPS. That’s my job.  Do damage.  Specifically, it’s my job to do as much damage as I can (without pulling threat) on as many targets as the tank’s threat allows.

CC if needed/requested.  Not that anyone CCs anymore…  Mostly this applies to slowing/stopping runners and not much else.

As a DPS, it’s NOT my job to:

Tank. I’ve been as guilty as the next person of signing my baby ret pally up for lfd as DPS/Tank just to queue faster.  When I sign up for it, I’m aware I will take the consequences.  I carry a one-hander and shield for that purpose.  That’s fine.  But the number of people who expect my hunter (or her pet) to tank 3 elites when the healer and tank have died and the only people standing are a couple DPS who are doing the damage (and therefore pulling the threat) of a wet noodle and save the party from a wipe?  No, wipe recovery is what feign death + Jumper Cables is for.  I’m not gonna suck up a repair bill on a lost cause.  I will try on my DPS characters to pull stuff off the healer, but that’s intended as temporary tanking at best.

Pull threat. If I’m pulling threat, it’s usually my fault.  Just because I can pull threat off any tank doesn’t mean I should.  In fact, the minigame of “climb the threat meter but don’t climb over” is part of the fun part of being a DPS.

As a Healer, it IS my job to:

Heal. Cast healing spells.  Not tank, and I shouldn’t be doing a lot of DPS.

Manage my mana. So I can heal.  Pretty self explanatory, there…

As a Healer, it’s NOT my job to:

Keep you at 100%. You’re alive?  Good.  You’re lower than you want to be?  Meh.  The only person a healer has a responsibility to keep high in health is the tank.  If you’re low due to unavoidable stuff and we’re still in combat?  You’re definitely on my list of people to heal.  If you’re low in health because you ran a room ahead of the tank, pulled a buncha mobs, and the tank got ‘em off you?  Not my problem.  Especially if we’re out of combat and I’m eating/drinking.  Use your own bandages/food/healing spells, don’t whine that I’m a crappy healer after I ignore your “HEALPLS”

So, yeah.  That’s my minor rant of the week.  Specifically that last bit.  Suck it up and deal, stupid.


Jov sez: On Raiding, Burnout, and The Blahs

January 19, 2010

I apologize, this post isn’t going to be anything along the lines of normal Snarkcraft content.  It’s going to be a wee peek inside the life and status of Jov’s player.  Also, it’s my blog and I’ll be emo if I want to.

First off, the admission:  I’ve not really been playing Jov much anymore.  For the past several months, I’ve been logging Jov in to raid, do occasional laps of the upper reaches of Northrend to fund my Frostwyrm habit and… that’s about it.  Various things conspired against me, from current content, lack of ability to take a break, to computer issues.  WoW had lost it’s sparkle, and had become a job.

I raided.  I blogged.  I modded.  I strong-armed the cats on the healing team.  I spent hours discussing recruitment, drama, and the general aggravation that comes with every family; when you love the people around you, but sometimes you just want to strangle them.

In August, I told Seri I was thinking about quitting.

I held out, though.  I kept a “this too shall pass” attitude that I’ve mentioned I held toward ToC, ICC and previous raids in past expansions.  I love mah peeps, and I wouldn’t trade that bunch of losers for the world.

But time went on… and on… and on.  Things got harder, and real life stress reared it’s ugly head.  (You can ask Seri how well I deal with stress.  I’m probably one of the most neurotic people on the planet.  Let me tell you, I can lose some shit.)  In December, I did just that.  I told Seri that when my sub expired at the end of January, I was gone.  At that point, it wasn’t even an issue of WoW anymore.  Holidays left me under a lot of stress; WoW wasn’t cutting it as a stress reliever.  It was just one more job.

As is probably obvious by the fact I’m here typing this as opposed to flittering off into the nether (or wherever bloggers go to die), the turning of the calendar changed my perspective a bit.  Well, that and Seri’s figurative clinging to my leg screaming “DON’T LEAVE ME WITH THESE REJECTS!” does a lot for a person. (>.>  Okay, I made that last bit up.  She was thinking it, though.)  I have been playing WoW more; it has been a stress relief.  Just…  not my priest.  Not any of my healers, actually.

Thanks to the wonder of server and faction transfer, my hunter (third character, long ignored due to being on another server and alliance) is now decked in heirlooms and whoring herself in lfg.  And…  it’s fun.  I’m having more fun than I’ve had in a long time.  There’s zero stress.  There’s negative stress.    I can put exactly as much effort into it as I feel like, and we’re not going to have a corpse run if I look away from the screen for a second.

But don’t worry, this isn’t going to be the rogue and hunter blog.  I’ve still plenty of priest crap to talk about.  Next week, I’ve a lovely post lined up about healing ICC at 2fps.  >.<


Jov sez: It’s like… you know…

January 5, 2010

So, I’m pretty certain everyone is aware of that feeling on Monday when you go back to work after having a long weekend filled with friends, massive cleaning to prepare and recover from said friends, and nursing the hangover you got from time spent with more of the hair of the dog that bit you…

It’s kinda like that, returning to blogging after a period of vacation.  Sure, it was only a couple weeks…  And sure, it’s just a blog post!  These things really just write themselves, right?

HA!  Wrong!

I’m not one of those talented people who can churn a post out like so much senseless drivel, with nary a thought or care.  No, though I am talented, my talent is the kind you must WORK for.  Each post, carefully crafted from blood, sweat, and tears.  Each a tiny piece of perfection, lovingly wrought from the very essence of my SOUL.

(Too overblown?  Nah…)

To state things more simply, blog posts are something I’ve really gotta work for.  And after my vacation, Monday returned with all the subtlety of a mack truck.  First I was in denial that it was actually here.  Anger that it DARED happen again…  Then I just kinda gave up, put my head down, and prayed it wouldn’t notice me too much.

But!  To make it up for you all, I’m currently (finally!) transferring over Zusterke’s latest masterpiece, which will make it’s appearance next week.  (Sorry for the delay, you caught me right at the start of winter craziness!)


Jov sez: Apologies

December 22, 2009

Apologies to our regular followers. I’ve been totally getting my ass kicked by the holiday season, and I’m at the point where I’m mainly just wanting to hole up and hide until it’s over. I was hoping I’d be able to get a post out this week to make up for the one I missed last week, but… it’s just not gonna happen.

So radio silence from Jov until after the first of the year.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, filled with all sorts of things that you enjoy, even if it’s just the time off work. I’ll catch you in the New Year.



Jov sez: Dear Father Winter

December 8, 2009

Dear Father Winter,

As I’m certain you know, I’ve been a very good girl this year.  First of all, I haven’t killed any rogues…  DPS has been basking in the glow of my heals, in fact!  Seri has shown me the error of my earlier ways, thinking that DPS aren’t actually people…  How wrong I was!  I’ve also done a good deal of work toward feeding the hungry of Dalaran, each day providing meals to one poor soul or another.  I’ve run errands for giants, I’ve performed tasks for knights, and I’ve made peace with those adorable primitives in Sholozar Basin.

I have done all of these things with nary a thought for myself…  You might say even out of the kindness of my heart.

And because I have done such a good job this year, I only ask that you overlook that…  thing… in Brewfest.  I can hardly be blamed for what I can barely remember, right?  And all those times I accidentally yelled “I WILL PUNCH YOU THROUGH THE INTERNETS…”  Well, of course that makes no sense at all, so it obviously was just a joke.

I’ve spent the past year attempting to be a shining example of all that is good and Holy…  I’ve even been leaving those poor, unfortunate Discipline Priests alone!

I only have one request…  ONE present I want for Winter’s Veil…

This Argent Tournament thing?  Please let it all end.  I don’t care if another stupid space goat ship crashes into it or it pulls a Dalaran and vanishes with a large chunk of the surrounding landscape or what…

I just want to go somewhere I’m actually making a difference.  I want to go to Icecrown.

Love,  Jov

PS — We won’t discuss that time I saw you and the goblin having a sausage party last Winter’s Veil…  We’ll just keep that between you and me.  Kisses.


Jov sez: Placeholder (maybe)

December 1, 2009

Maybe it’s continuing turkey coma, maybe it’s just pure lack of inspiration, but I have no idea what to do for a post today.

I could do a rant directed at some certain specific people, but it’s likely to get me in trouble for saying what I shouldn’t (and really, true snark requires some level of humor with the bitterness, which I don’t know that I’m ready to do), when really bygones should be bygones.

I could comment on the humor of MMO Champion having 2 blue posts, one saying 3.3 is next week, one saying they’re not telling us when 3.3 is gonna hit, in the same meta post.

I could comment that I totally want the pug pet, and don’t care how many pugs I have to do to get him.

Or I could just leave it like this for now, and try and turn my attention to getting an actual post up for next week.


Jov sez: Meters aren’t about the size of your e-peen

November 17, 2009

So, as our faithful readers are probably aware, our guild is currently recruiting.  In case of any of you bright, awesome, and intelligent people decide to work up the courage to try and spend a bit more time with Seri and myself, I’d just like to give a cautionary tale to keep in mind before you do so.  That tale can be summed up in a single sentence: Just because all the odds seem to be in your favor doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to make it to the interview and beyond.

Okay, to backtrack.

As you probably know, I’m the healing team lead of Axiom.  We’re recruiting healers, and have actually been getting a few good apps in.  Now, an application is your chance to make a good first impression, so a certain amount of talking yourself up is to be expected.  But there’s a good way of doing that and a bad way of doing that.  Talking yourself up to a guild in a way that makes them want to get to know you better involves stressing your positives, especially in a way that doesn’t rely entirely on putting others down to do so.

This application I’m referencing had, on the surface, all the stars in allignment.  It was an applicant from our server, our faction, and returning to the game after a hiatus.  We are recruiting his class.  He typed in complete sentences.  These are all positives.  Being local and horde means that in an iffy situation, we’re more likely to say yes and give you an initiate period.  We’re generally nice people and don’t want to waste time and (your) money on a transfer if we have concerns.  Being local gives you a toe in the door, if not a foot.  And returning to the game after a hiatus means while your gear might need some work, we’re not leaving any of our friends’ guilds in a lurch by yoinking someone from their raid team roster.  Additionally, this person was a friend of a friend of a former raider, who left the guild (the good way) a few months ago because RL was eating his time.

So why with all that going for him did he get a decline before he could even interview?

The answer lies primarily in a single sentence: “Most <applicant’s class> healers suck, so I enjoy healing against them.”

I’m a healing lead, I read that and instantly went no, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Okay, so…  Meters aren’t a competition.  This isn’t to say they’re not useful, but their utility is NOT in proving you’re so much better than everyone else around you.  It’s always said that raiding is a team sport, and that’s true, but it’s true exponentially moreso of healing.  In a team activity, you do not play against your teammates. You play with them in a trust game.  You trust them to know what they’re doing and to ask for help if needed.  You trust me to know what I’m doing in giving out assignments.  And if things go wrong, you trust everyone to work together to fix it.

“But Jov,” asks the kind and gentle ones in the audience, “why do you assume he’s talking about meters?” It’s quite simple– what does ever dps’er in your pug do at the end of every pull to show off how much they pwn?  They link the meters.  It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to guess that’s what he’s talking about when speaking of the suck of others.

“Does that mean it’s wrong to top the meters?” No, so you trees can let out that breath you’ve been holding.  There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with being on the top of the meter.  It’s a listing.  Someone is going to be on the top.  Someone is going to be on the bottom.  That’s how lists work.

“If your place on the meter doesn’t really matter, why should healers even care about them?” Meters are there for self-analysis (or my analysis, I suppose) and personal improvement.  The easiest way to do that is to just look at what you’re doing.

“I don’t know how to read a meter, there’s too much information.  I don’t know what I’m looking for.” There’s really two ways of doing this:  the easy way and the hard way.  I’m a big fan of the easy way.  Pull up a boss fight, look at yourself.  What spells are you casting?  What spells aren’t you casting?  Think about your assignment on that fight, and think about why you made the spell choices you did.  Now, pull someone else of your class/spec for that same fight.  (WoL is excellent for this, since you can search by server.  Find someone roughly at your level of progression.)  Look at their spell choices for that fight.  Now do it again.  If whoever you’re checking seems to have the same spell priorities as you, you’re probably doing it right, regardless of your place (or their place) on the meter.  If your useage is different, some of that can be do to raid composition, but you might want to try out what you’ve seen.

“I’m using the same spells, at roughly the same priority.  But I’m at the bottom and X is at the top!” There’s a lot of things which can account for meter position, but the biggest culprit is going to be one of two things:  lag and overstacking of healers.  Lag is the most unfortunate, and the one I can sympathize with most.  But to put it simply, if you’re running at a higher ping or lower framerate than your raid-mates, chances are they’re going to get the heal off before you do.  More of your heal will be overage, more of their heal will be effective.  They’ll move up the meter compared to you.  Overstacking healers also tends to lead to jumps in effective healing.  Unlike DPS, who can do damage and do damage and do damage until the boss is dead, healers can only heal as much damage as has been taken.  The reason fewer and fewer healers are needed as content goes on farm isn’t a matter of the healing power of the healers increasing from gear as much as it is the incoming damage becomes less as the tanks gear up and the raid is more comfortable with the encounter dynamics, reducing raid damage.  In that situation, it can feel very much like a race sometimes to see who can get the heal off first.

“After all that, I still want to know what’s wrong with wanting to top meters, it just means I’m wanting to do better, right?” No, no it doesn’t.  It goes back to that trust issue I mentioned above.  If you try to top the meter, you’re going to do that by trying to do your job and everyone else’s at the same time.  That means I as the healing lead (and 23 other people in the raid) can’t trust you to keep your assignment first in your mind.  I’m not talking about X Priest only healing group 2; I’m talking about X Priest keeping group 2 as their top priority and only tossing hots/prom/coh/shields on g4 if g2 is stable.  If your focus is on outhealing PallyZ, that is where your focus is, not on G2’s health.

So if you’re wanting to apply to Axiom, tell me how awesome you are.  Don’t tell me that everyone else sucks and you’ve got the recount screenshot to prove it.  That’s much more likely to get you an interview.


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